UEFA overturns Eduardo’s ban for diving


A clamor against divers resounded throughout the soccer world when Arsenal's Eduardo dove and won a penalty against Celtic a few weeks ago. As a result, UEFA handed down a two match ban to the Croatian hit man. And as usual, the ban was appealed by Arsenal. Many were glad to see UEFA take that stance against divers.

However, Arsenal's appeal turned out to be successful and Eduardo's ban was overturned today. While Eduardo appeared to dive, if UEFA were to actually uphold this standard for every single match to issue a retroactive ban, it would open itself to review every contentious decision that they might have to overturn.

What do you think of UEFA's decision? Think they were wrong to suspend Eduardo in the first place? Have they completely undermined themselves with these decisions?

Share your thoughts below.

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81 Responses to UEFA overturns Eduardo’s ban for diving

  1. ka says:

    Are you f****n serious?

  2. Judging Amy says:

    “While Eduardo appeared to dive, if UEFA were to actually uphold this standard for every single match to issue a retroactive ban, it would open itself to review every contentious decision that they might have to overturn.”

    Exactly. Its hypocritical to complain about the unfairness about diving knowing that you can’t possibly enforce this type of review across the board. What about non-calls? Handballs? Throw-ins? Improperly awarded extra time? Where does it end? Do we have the NFL with 4 hours of challenges, replays, and video reviews?

  3. One step forward, two steps back.

  4. Supsam says:

    and you wonder why soccer isnt popular in the States???? So UEFA’s reasoning for this overturn is due to the fact that they dont want to hold any more people accountable for cheating in the future?????? WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!?!?!?

    ….and right when i thought FIFA was finally starting to act all professional and stuff….

  5. Judging Amy says:

    “So UEFA’s reasoning for this overturn is due to the fact that they dont want to hold any more people accountable for cheating in the future??????”

    Wrong. Nobody wants diving. Our analytic skills need to be sharper than this. UEFA’s reasoning is that its impossible to FAIRLY and realistically implement these types of measures. NOBODY likes diving.

  6. sammysounder says:

    Good. This whole affair was stupid.

  7. Glenn says:

    What are you talking about Amy?

    Don’t use the slippery slope argument – if you want to know ‘where it ends’, it ends on penalizing people for dives. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    And why would it be so hard to enforce?

    The more it is enforced ( and the harsher the penelty ), the less likely you are to see the same divers again. What has Eduardo ( or any other diver ) learned from all this? That diving will get you goals and nothing will be done about it.


  8. NateinSF says:

    This issue needs to be sorted out by the officiants on the field during the incident.

  9. Judging Amy says:

    What are you talking about Amy?

    Don’t use the slippery slope argument – if you want to know ‘where it ends’, it ends on penalizing people for dives. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    And why would it be so hard to enforce?

    The more it is enforced ( and the harsher the penelty ), the less likely you are to see the same divers again. What has Eduardo ( or any other diver ) learned from all this? That diving will get you goals and nothing will be done about it.


    Posted by: Glenn | September 14, 2009 at 04:10 PM

    You miss the point completely. The bigger picture is that if you start to review plays after the fact, there is no reason not to review ANY play or call. Its cute that you want to teach Eduardo a lesson though :).
    I get the impression that you came to the game of soccer late in life.

  10. Dannyc58 says:

    He was unfairly targetted, so I’m happy.

    (West Ham fan, so no bias here)

  11. smits says:

    That’s a dive all day long and twice on Sundays and should be treated harshly.

  12. Nate(Sounders) says:

    Eduardo isn’t a diver. Boruc came out aggressively and Eduardo expected contact. He didn’t roll around on the ground or pretend he was hurt.

    What it all comes down to is poor defending. A defender or keeper should know that if he slides out at a player and doesn’t get the ball, he is going to get called for a foul every time.

    This play was no worse than when Rooney went down before he made contact with Almunia during the Arsenal game, but Manchowder fans don’t want to talk about that.

  13. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Well maybe they will reverse Chelseas ban on transfers now! :)

  14. kpugs says:

    Unreal that people are still defending this, having seen it a million times. This suspension was a message to all divers: keep it up and you will miss important games.

    The overturning of it sends a new message: just keep right on diving, you have nothing to worry about.

  15. Jim says:

    He clearly dove, but that isn’t the point. The only way to rid the sport of divers is to inforce the rule uniformly and fairly– this was a one-off PR stunt, and was correctly overturned. Everyone knew UEFA wasn’t going to keep up the practice of suspending players after video review.

    There is a penalty on the books for diving: it’s a bookable offense. If the refs can’t be trusted to inforce the rules, then specifically state that all matches will be reviewed afterwards and cards or suspensions leveled where appropriate. Until that step is taken, you can’t single out one player to “make a statement” about diving.

  16. CSD says:

    Agree with the decision by UEFA. Judging Amy I agree with you. But trying to raise the analytical bar for the masses is a futile task. Emotional responses are so much easier than analytical analysis so they will continue.

  17. Smacking says:

    I agree that it was unjust to go after Eduardo rather than any other diver, but I hope this leads to further investigation of such criminal acts. Diving should be reviewed, but a clear system needs to be created. Since appeals seem to be so effective in football, perhaps teams should have the opportunity to appeal dives.

  18. Scott in Houston says:

    Maybe my sarcasm meter is out of tune, but Judging Amy, you need to stop the judgmental B.S. Here are some of Judging Amy’s greatest hits:

    “I get the impression that you came to the game of soccer late in life.” (Today)

    “Its easy for people who have never played before to complain…” (September)

    “BB may not make the choices you as a couch dwelling superfan may like (or even I like)…” (September)

    “Racist. Don’t read it then” (April)

    Those weren’t all directed at me, but I don’t see what basis you have for the snap judgments you make about people. You’re just lashing out, and it’s ugly.

  19. meyers7 says:

    What are you talking about Amy?

    Don’t use the slippery slope argument – if you want to know ‘where it ends’, it ends on penalizing people for dives. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    Posted by: Glenn | September 14, 2009 at 04:10 PM


    The problem glen is there is already a penalty for diving….a yellow card.

  20. davidaubudavid says:

    he’s lashing out, your lashing out. the only difference i see is that in this instance he is correct.

  21. Scott A says:

    I do this this one-off suspension was silly in light of soccer’s inaction as a whole and shouldn’t have been done in that manner (even though I enjoyed a diver getting it). But yeah Glenn, I don’t understand this slippery stuff slope either. You can always draw a line somewhere…nobody ever suggested video evidence to review fouls, handballs, or any other accidental/professional fouls. It’s always been about curbing dishonest play or behavior damaging to the game like diving, abuse of officials, or punches out of the view of the referee. Hate when people link an argument no one has made with a valid argument

  22. Supsam says:

    @ Judging Amy

    really Amy? Criticizing other people’s intellect? really? What are you like seven?

    Besides, how can you say I am wrong? Is it not obvious that UEFA clearly didnt intend to recieve the backlash they recieved from suspending that diver Eduardo and they never want to go through it again. FIFA has time and again been known as a lazy group of rich guys who rarely attempt to better football in this world. After seeing Kaka scoring a goal that wasnt called against the USA during the Confed Cup FINAL, you would think they would even PONDER using video replay but FIFA still resists these much needed adaptions. Tennis uses it, American football uses it, Hockey uses it, so why not soccer?

    Yes Amy, it is REALISTICALLY possible to implement a stance on diving. In a very fast paced, not to mention physical sport of hockey, the NHL has already done so and has proven very effective as hockey players before saw how easy it was to embellish in order to get a penalty called (Forsberg comes to mind). They have a group in Toronto who looks out for dives if the referees do not catch it using state of the art video footage and the necessary punishments are handed out later on. In this day and age, if nobody likes diving then why dont we take a harder stance against it?

  23. danny says:

    @ Amy – Cee U Next Tuesday

  24. Oranjebleeder says:

    Makes sense.
    Diving is crap for the game. And this was a dive, but reviewing and enforcing these calls is just too much.

    Anybody see Rooney’s ridiculous dive v Solvenia? He was even pulling the other guy’s shirt.

  25. St. Louis United says:

    “While Eduardo appeared to dive, if UEFA were to actually uphold this standard for every single match to issue a retroactive ban, it would open itself to review every contentious decision that they might have to overturn.”

    Travis Clark at 03:30 PM

    Good, UEFA/FIFA/the FA/whoever should develop their own committees to review each diving claim as it happens. They’re watching every game anyways, right? Diving is arguably the #1 on-the-field problem that is ruining the game. They should take action and start banning every player who deliberately dives (that means there is no contact on the play at all) and give them a 2-game suspension until diving is stamped out of the game. End of story. It’s a big problem. Fix it.

  26. This Guy says:

    This is a sad day for the World of Football.

  27. Glenn says:

    @ Judging Amy -

    Yeah, I DID get into soccer later in life. Is that somehow a put-down?

    I don’t quite understand the mentality that some people here have who believe diving is awful, but don’t really want to do anything to try to get rid of it. It doesn’t HAVE to be ‘just part of the game’, does it?

    Is this one of those things where ‘purists’ just dont believe in change or what?

    The way I see it is that goals are usually VERY hard to come by, so a diver will take their chances with a yellow card. Will they take the same chances with a stiffer penalty?

    Is it ok to suspend someone for a sucker-punch that was unseen by the referee or is that also one of those ‘if the ref didnt see, it’s all good’ situations?

  28. Eric Griesheimer says:

    “Eduardo isn’t a diver. Boruc came out aggressively and Eduardo expected contact. He didn’t roll around on the ground or pretend he was hurt.

    What it all comes down to is poor defending. A defender or keeper should know that if he slides out at a player and doesn’t get the ball, he is going to get called for a foul every time.

    This play was no worse than when Rooney went down before he made contact with Almunia during the Arsenal game, but Manchowder fans don’t want to talk about that”

    Thats an absurd take on the play. Embelishing slight contact is different than falling down when there is no contact made at all.

  29. MikeK says:

    Where is justice for Celtic? Granted, beating Arsenal in London was always going to be extremely tough, if not impossible, but it’s not the point. If that penalty isn’t called, and Celtic hits a goal and gets momentum, who knows?

    The point I’m trying to get at is this penalty for diving is the only justice Celtic had. Now that’s gone as well, so what now? Should it be left up to Celtic to get their own revenge, be it diving or going in harder on Eduardo?

  30. Jameson says:

    i really dont see the argument. in a case like eduardo’s where it was SO CLEAR that he dove this kind of penalty should be enforced.

    so now, when this inevitably happens in a World Cup Final, UEFA Final, etc there will be an even bigger blow up. Not cracking down NOW will lead to a catastrophe in a final match (i.e. Maradona’s Hand of God). Just watch.

    Oh and @Amy… really? Mind telling us how many caps you’ve earned? Its obvious you’ve got some wicked experience of the game.

  31. Joamiq says:


    To Judging Amy and other supporters of this decision: the argument that it would be impossible for UEFA to effectively enforce diving bans is hogwash. You want to know what the line is? The line is a dive that EVERYONE agrees is a dive, even fans of the player’s team. When it’s not even a judgment call, a ban should be automatic. The cost of reviewing such plays is nil. And whoever said anything about “enforc[ing] this type of review across the board”? Just say that only dives (and not throw-ins or extra time or any of your other ludicrous examples) are subject to review. Simple.

    The biggest joke is that Arsenal and UEFA are claiming that the ban was overturned because they think that it might not actually have been a dive.

  32. JamesC says:

    I think all this talk about Eduardo’s dive has done more than a 2 match ban would have done. Next time Eduardo’s actually fouled in the box the offical is going to think twice about making the call.

  33. Kobao says:

    I understand why they overturned it, but it seems like every ban or penalty UEFA hands down they end up overturning or reducing when challenged on it. What is the point of issuing consequences if you are going to cave whenever you are questioned on it?

    I still think Drogba and Chelsea got away with murder after what he did following the Barca/Chelsea Champions League game earlier this year. Is there any other Confederation as scared and intimidated by its teams as UEFA? I think the answer is very clearly no.

  34. advocat says:

    I predicted the ban would be over turned. And it should have been over turned. Eduardo is oneof the games greatest players rightnow. To ban him would be a “simulation” offense against the soccer loving public. He routinely outplays entires teams but assaulted at the last moment by a faux/simulation soccer player. FIFA must protect the quality players. If not, then lets watch rugby instead.

  35. Supsam says:

    @ advocat

    so are people like you more enamored with individual soccer players or the sport of soccer as a whole. Quality players should not get better treatment. A cheat is a cheat no matter how skillful he is. Eduardo needs soccer but soccer does not need Eduardo. Soccer will continue on as the most popular sport in the world if someone like C.Ronaldo decided to quit playing.

  36. Iammetro says:

    It would be hard to punish diving. What if the player didn’t dive and tripped? What if he moves to avoid and falls while still getting carded, would FIFA overturn that decision if it was right in the first place. Every dive is a fall but not every fall is a dive. I can see players that didn’t dive get carded and not get the yellow removed in the future if this persists. You can’t really tell a player’s in thinking.

    There is a reason why refs are referred to as judges and the rules are the laws of the game. It is all about interpretation. In a game where time is supposed to be continuous, you can’t see everything.

  37. Jimmy Bobo says:

    UEFA are (cowards) for backing down. They should use both hands and try to find their spine.

  38. MM says:

    Good News. Cheating is good for the game. The threat of bans might promote good sportsmanship. Who wants that.

  39. JCD says:

    UEFA, like Amy, has no balls.

  40. chg says:

    Typical. They don’t have the backbone to clean up diving, so it will continue to ruin games and make it difficult to sell the sport to many non-fans.

  41. Jorge says:

    This is unfortunate. It will only open the flood gates, not just pertaining to diving. I guess Rooney, Ronaldo, Eduardo and the usual culprits will now dive freely and without any fear of punishment. :-)

  42. Jameson says:

    advocat, you can’t be serious about eduardo. he’s, as i like to tell my players, a “me” player. just look at him, he got his nationality changed to CROATIA so that he could play at a higher level internationally. the guy is not worthy of such lofty admiration as a player like Kaka or Gerrard. True class players.

  43. HomeyBoehme says:

    I guess we have to accept diving as part of the game now.

  44. GLD123 says:


  45. DC Josh says:

    I can’t ever recall a coach every coaching me on how to fall down on my face and scream when a player comes close to me in the box.

    In a time when soccer is at his best, problems such as diving ruin the game and give soccer’s critics more fuel for their bonfires.

    Wasn’t diving a HUGE topic before Germany ’06? I remember FIFA saying they were serving automatic yellows to divers. Whatever happened to that consistency and diligence? Soccer IS the beautiful game, but with players who think it is okay to cheat by diving and attempting to earn a game-winning PK, the game is smeared with this cowardice behavior.

  46. chelski002 says:

    Not only do I endorse FIFA, I believe Eduardo incident was indeed a penalty. These keepers are ruining the game. I dont pay 500/ticket (as I did on wednesday) to watch a keeper. F#*k them. Arsenal outplayed the entire team and practically walked the ball in the goal. Thats soccer. Enough of these lumberjacks from scotland and africa.

  47. chelski002 says:

    FIFA is essentially saying, in this case, that it was in fact a penalty. And it was; FIFA agrees after extensive review.

  48. TimF says:

    This is a typical pussie european move. They do this kind of thing all the time(in every facet of life), hand out a judgment that seems fitting then rescind it because someone complained. Next thing you know, divers will get special treatment and penalties will be put on defenders and goalkeepers who force forwards to dive by their defending lol.

    Really, its no wonder we in the states don’t like soccer with moves like this.

  49. JFC says:

    you people act like this is new.fifa has reviewed countless dives and scuffles. just be happy that MLS officals arent running the game over there then u can bet there would be even more inconsistencys.

  50. Mario in SJ says:

    One word. Idiots!

  51. ubelmann says:

    Change diving in the box to a red-card offense and then we can talk about suspensions. If a handball intended to direct the ball in the goal is a red card, I don’t see why diving for a penalty shouldn’t merit a red card in the first place.

    Then if officials miss it in the game, the punishment should more obviously be a suspension. (Start with one game, see if that helps at all. Maybe increase it if it doesn’t help much.)

    Diving has existed forever and soccer has managed to become awfully popular. Still, if FIFA (or UEFA or whoever) can take steps to reduce it, all the better.

  52. Joe B. NYC says:

    Bottom line, it PAYS to dive.

    Arsenal are in, Celtic are out. These ruling bodies have no backbone when they go up against the big clubs.

  53. Leonardo says:

    MLS should take a stance on this issue.

    1) set up a committee. they review only the blatantly obvious dives. take a vote. majority (something like 8 out of 10) decides punishment – 1 or 2 match ban.

    2)MLS will be leaps and bounds ahead of the world, and it will lift the caliber of play in our game.

    *note: I agree with SBI peeps that refs should be full time. this is vital for this idea to work

    PS UEFA = cowards

  54. Jdavids says:

    Isn’t the idea of punishing a diver to eradicate this non-sense from the game?

    But UEFA is too lazy. One step back for the beautiful game..

  55. Miguelito says:

    Did anyone ever stop to consider that it wasn’t too long ago that Eduardo had a knarly broken leg caused by someone tackling him from the side. The keeper was diving from his side and I think, at least subconciously, that could have come into play in this particular incident as he is hesitant in those situations. It’s hard to suspend him for having nightmares coming off something like that.

    I know from when I was playing competitively that sometimes I could misjudge the defenders tackle and bail thinking he was gonna crunch me. Then, when the defender’s tackle didn’t come through my legs I was hung out to dry looking like an idiot.

    Nobody wants meaningless dives and dudes rolling around on the field, but when you play at such a fast pace it is easy to misjudge a tackle and leave your feet in order to protect yourself. If the ref calls it I don’t think that is fair to then suspend the player when he would have gotten at worst a yellow card during the game.

  56. jmadsen says:

    Not going to comment on the FIFA/reviewing part, but I think that:

    1) more red cards need to be shown to the diver in cases where the ref feels there has been a dive – Diving is cheating, and the rules clearly call for red cards in cases of (I think it is still called) “ungentlemanly conduct”

    2) the refs should be more open to forcing players who writhe “in pain” to leave via stretcher, and his team plays short-handed til the next break. No more of this “pop right up stuff” – the rules also would call for a red-card in this case, so that’s hardly being harsh.

    3) They should hire me as a ref for a few games to straighten this stuff out. I’m sure we all would enjoy a good five-a-side match :-)

  57. Lil' Zeke says:

    Yep… and Rory makes in interesting comparison with basketball players flopping to accentuate a bona fide foul. It takes two to create most opportunities for embellishment. If you get burnt and have to crazy juke to get back into the play, you’re risking both players’ health and opening yourself up to the flop if you do it.

    Still, I was really looking forward to Eduardo taking his medicine. I thought the keeper played it about as clean as I’ve seen.

  58. davidaubudavid says:

    I think that amy’s entire argument is: “if you give them an inch; they will take a mile.” This argument has been proven true in many instances and i don’t see it as being irrelevant here. I think people should also bear in mind that soccer and football were at one point the same sport, so to say that soccer will never change in away that we may not enjoy it or recognize it is just silly.

  59. Eduardo Lillingston says:

    Eduardo is jerk. Who does he think he is? I hate divers!

  60. Justin O says:

    Ridiculous. The slippery slope arguments, the unfairly singled out arguments, all nonsense. Why give suspensions for anything? The same arguments apply.

    Diving will only get worse because some people don’t mind it and are therefore so resistant to any changes.

    Too many games are decided by who does the best job of play acting. This is the biggest problem facing the game, apart from racism and hooliganism. In the case the US soccer bashers are absolutely right. And suggesting that the same thing happens in US sports, to anything even remotely close to the same level, is utterly moronic.

    Most frustrating of all, it could be reduced by a very very significant amount if the will was there – if suspensions would be handed out. The suspension process can then be tweaked to improve it, but priority number one, do whatever it takes to drastically reduce diving now.

  61. Scott A says:

    I’m watching NFL right now–don’t ask, I usually don’t. The Raiders’ QB went down with an injury, and all talk from the commentators was trying to figure out how he got the injury, and eventually they figured out who fell on him and how. And I realized how refreshing it was to have an injury in a sport and not to even have the prospect of a guy faking an injury in the realm of possibility. And I am not an American football guy at ALL. Soccer with a little more honor would be amaaaazing. Make it happen FIFA–put those brains and billions to use. The culture of a sport can be changed

  62. Colby Aiken says:

    Hey Ives, It was overturned by video evidence. Arsenal proved there was contact, end of discussion.

  63. Lil' Zeke says:

    Oh no Colby… “contact”?!!! Glad to hear you won’t be contributing any more to the discussion.

  64. Lil' Zeke says:

    Hey Justin, MLS is a US Sport. A soccer pitch is a bigger canvas than other sports with lots of fouls (basketball, hockey, water polo) and sometimes the ref is nowhere close to the foul. Histrionics and ankle-clutching aside, if you get spun off the ball at full-speed, that’s a game changer you want the ref to know about from 50 yards away. It’s the same as flopping to accentuate a charge in basketball, but WRIT LARGE as the venue demands.

    Not that that applies to Eduardo though. He was just cheating.

  65. smokeminside says:

    I thought rory’s comparison to the faking a foul in basketball on a charge was interesting but not really apropo. Usually, lots of baskets are scored in a game. Unless the foul comes in the final seconds, or a game winning shot is denied because of the call, the comparison falls short. Goals are just too scarce to be compared to baskets.

  66. John in FL says:

    Somewhere in Madrid Ronaldo let out a big SIGH of relief….

  67. Sean says:

    It’s not a matter of having to uphold other questionable calls. The human element is part of what makes soccer great. I think this is a disgrace, a missed opportunity.

    It is more a question about what makes soccer look bad, as diving is a greater culprit than missed goals, hand-balls, offsides, improperly awarded time, etc…

    There IS a difference and the difference is the ‘intent’. The player’s intention to dive is different than missed calls, etc. And, soccer governing bodies MUST (if they know anything) own the right to decide impartially and put a stop to players’ decisions to dive. I guarantee that if you start banning and fining players severely for dives that it will reduce the occurrences.

    This is sad. Man, how stupid is UEFA?

  68. Sean says:

    Wwwhoooaa, Colby! Good thing you solved it for us. End of discussion, I guess. Good one, man. Thanks! Guys, wrap it up, this one is solved. Give Colby a hand. Yeah, we owe you one.

  69. Yinka Double Dare says:

    If the penalty for diving is a yellow card during the game, there was no way a 2 game suspension was going to be upheld. If it’s a yellow during the game, then assign him a yellow after (if cards have reset after the game, make it roll over to the next phase).

    Whether they should change the rules to make it a red is another matter. Certainly would make players far less likely to attempt a dive if the benefit is “spot kick” but the downside is “down a man for the rest of the game”. A yellow doesn’t seem to be that much of a deterrent unless the player already received a yellow in the game.

  70. Ian says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and said on here after the match that Eduardo dove and that I hate seeing that from players on my team. If uefa want to use video to review and suspend people then they need to apply it across the board to all players and all teams. They should start it at the beginning of the season and enforce it properly. To decide that they would do it only for one instance is as unfair as the dive itself. Hopefully they will put it in place for next season so we can put an end to that or at least punish those who do it. It would be even better if FIFA were to require it at the WC in 2010.

  71. Nate says:

    Like I said before, Eduardo is not a diver. I have been following his career for years.

    Miguelito brings up a good point. Eduardo had his leg snapped in half from a tackle so gruesome I still can’t bring myself to watch. He is finally playing on a regular basis and he was protecting himself.

    I AGREE that the worst thing about soccer is faining injury. But there is a big difference between pretending you are hurt, and hitting the ground to protect yourself.

    Can anyone think of a second time you remember seeing Eduardo dive? If you want to target someone, pick any number of estblished losers.

  72. JAKL says:

    I agree with Yinka. The current penalty for diving is a yellow card. If they had wanted to retroactively penalized him, they should have given him a yellow card. If they want to change the rules across the board, then they need to do so, but to make up a punishment as they go along was just asking for it to be overturned.

    If they truly want to crack down, make diving in the box a straight red and outside the box a yellow. Or just make it a straight red across the board. Then leave it up to appeals as to whether or not a ban is enforced. While they are add it, add 2 additional refs.

    The guy clearly dived and the ref blew the call. Not the first time it’s happened and minus video replay, won’t be the last time. But you have to be consistent with the punishment and 2 games was not consistent with the current yellow card rule.

  73. Gary says:

    Diving is here to stay!

    Until they find a good solution, this is PART OF THE GAME!

    If a team wants to take the moral high-road and not partake in this practice, they might find themselves on the losing end of a match.

  74. Jim says:

    I can’t believe the overreactions on this board. Does anybody pay attention to the rules? The rule on the books for diving is that it’s punished with a yellow card. “Intent to deceive” is a completely different set of circumstances. It’s been used solely to address CLEAR issues of deception– the last time I remember it being applied was for a player pretending that he was head-butted by an opponenet.

    UEFA has already taken the stance that they will not review yellow cards on video evidence. So going back and booking Eduardo wasn’t an option. And even though the vast majority of people agree it’s a dive, it didn’t meet the (very high) standards of “deception.”

  75. DingDong says:

    How is a dive, if it is indeed a dive, not intended to deceive?

  76. Lando says:

    The rules of the game already have an unsportsmanlike conduct caution penalty (yellow card) for diving. Why would there need to be another punishment? It is the responsibility of the referee on the field to issue a yellow card for diving in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

  77. chelski002 says:

    US sports analogies? Bring it on.. Jordan,Iverson and Shaq made careers faking fouls routinely. Jordan made half his points on the free-throw. QB ‘s routinely exaggerate hits to get flags thrown. Same with punters. NFL players fake “fatigue” and sit on the bench. Receivers fake in bound throws by dragging the foot. Fake touchdowns by eextending the ball. Stop the game by throwing the ball out of bounds or throwing into the ground deliberately. Waste time by hiking the ball and “taking a knee”. deliberately fumbling or faking a fumble. I tis endless. And baseball is actually the worst.

  78. chelski002 says:

    The eduardo situation deserved a red- for the keeper. He dove recklessly, completely missed the ball! What was he diving at? The scottish keeper was simulating a dive for the ball because he totally missed it. he should be suspended. Make it a straight red for committing a foul in the box. After a defender commits two fouls he should automatically get a straight red for simulating a soccer player.

  79. castroviejo says:

    eduardos dive was a disgrace to the game of soccer and should be no part of soccer. it might as well be wrestling if u allow stuff like that to happen.

    he should have been banned at least 2 games.

    disgraceful. the soccer fed is in the back pocket of the big money clubs of europe.

    my respect for eduardo is gone.

  80. James says:

    Chelski002 your an idiot. Boruc didnt even touch Eduardo. Go watch the video.

    A 2 match ban was a bit harsh, but something needs to be done about diving.

    I feel bad for Celtic. They were playing decent, and who know what could have happened. But Eduardo’s dive was so obvious. And if you think it wasnt a dive, you need to be checked out, because there is something wrong with you.

  81. advocat says:

    Celtic playing decent? really? May God bless Scottish football; but they were entirely outclassed. They hardly had the ball and Arsenal could have scored 5 goals and no argument made. It would have been an injustice had Arsenal not won/scored. Lets be honest. arsenal nearly walked the ball into the goal several times. The keeper should have stayed on the line or at least maintained some composure/dignity. The keeper dove at Eduardos feet! he completely missed the ball! but could have injured eduardo in another horrific trauma. Where is your outrage against the player the injured eduardo so badly that an amputation was nearly considered? I pay big money to watch players like eduardo. Boruc? i wouldnt pay one euro to watch. Go watch wrestling if you disagree.