USA or Mexico: Castillo has another decision to make

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About 20 months ago, Edgar Castillo made what he thought would be the last decision he would have to make regarding his national team future.

The U.S. born-and-raised defender chose to play for Mexico after being courted by former Mexico head coach Hugo Sanchez and after establishing himself as one of the best young defenders in the Mexican First Division. He played for the Mexican Under-23 national team and appeared in a handful of friendlies for Mexico, so when he turned 21 it looked like he would be Mexico's forever.

That was before FIFA's recent rule change allowing players like Castillo, players eligible for multiple national teams, to switch national teams regardless of age as long as they had never appeared in an official senior competition for either country. Castillo has yet to play for Mexico in an official competition and can therefore still play for the United States.

Two years ago, when Castillo chose Mexico, things were going so well for him that you couldn't really blame him for feeling his future was with 'El Tri', but things have changed quite a bit since then.

In the time since he turned 21, Castillo made a move from Santos Laguna to Club America, where he has struggled. He has yet to make an appearance in an official match for Mexico, with both Hugo Sanchez and Sven-Goran Eriksson passing up chances to give Castillo a chance in an official match.

Now, with FIFA's rule changed, Castillo could choose to play for the U.S. national team, where he stands a much better chance of playing because left back is the weakest position in the national team pool.

Will Castillo consider making a change like German-born midfielder Jermaine Jones is planning to do? Almost two years ago, Castillo was adamant that he would not play for the United States.

"Even if they call, I'm not going to come," Castillo told, referring to the U.S. national team. "I already told them that I'm staying with Mexico."

Castillo said that when he thought playing in the 2008 Olympics for Mexico would happen (Mexico failed to qualify), he said that when he thought he had a Mexican national team place in his immediate future (has yet to be used in anything but friendlies in two years) and he said that when he was at the top of his game in the Mexican First Division (Castillo struggled for a place with Club America).

Now, Castillo failed to be called up by new Mexico head coach Javier Aguirre for Mexico's recent qualifiers and he was also left out of Mexico's squad for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, with Carlos Salcido and Fausto Pinto the left backs on the roster.

Will he reconsider now that he has another chance to play for the country where he was born and raised? Will Mexican manager Javier Aguirre call up Castillo and cap tie him? Will Castillo speak to Jose Francisco Torres and Michael Orozco about what their experiences with the United States have been like? Will U.S. fans accept a player who has worn the Mexican uniform before (albeit in friendlies)? Will he look at the lack of competition for the U.S. team's left back position and decide that it's time to play for his native country?

We will find out soon enough, possibly as soon as Aug. 12th, when the U.S. national team faces Mexico at Azteca. If Aguirre were smart, he would call in Castillo and give him a cap in that game, which would not only keep a quality prospect from joining an arch-rival, but would also offer a symbolic victory for Mexico, who could use one over the United States these days.

Whether Castillo lets that all happen remains to be seen. He has another choice to make and it shouldn't be assumed that he will make the same choice again. His absence from the Gold Cup roster just might serve as the latest evidence to show Castillo that he may not have the future with Mexico that he once thought he had.

What do you think of Castillo's situation? Are you hoping he changes his mind? Would you be against having a player who once played for Mexico playing for the United States? Think he'll snub the United States again?

Share your thoughts below.

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144 Responses to USA or Mexico: Castillo has another decision to make

  1. Seth says:

    don’t want him

  2. MZ says:

    I’ll take him, but if he’s not playing, i dont think he should start over Bornstein unless he has a bad fun of play. I’d deffinitely like to have him in the pool though.

  3. Barry U says:

    Born and raised in the US and still went to play for Mexico? Reasons anybody? I would take him regardless. We need left backs.

  4. madmax says:

    Three different coaches didn’t call him in, so?
    I don’t recall seeing him play at club or country, so no comment.

  5. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Edgar, forgive us for not having called you in sooner. Come home to your ‘casa’ to your ‘familia’. Your future lies here, not there.

  6. Never First says:

    How messed up is the system? National team coaches have to call up players that shouldn’t be playing just so a rival may not have the opportunity to take them.

    Youth team coaches have to be afraid that if they tick off a player with dual-citizenship, they might “lose” him.

    As for Castillo, I don’t really care one way or the other. I think Bocanegra or Spector would do fine at LB.

  7. britton says:

    he can go to hell.

  8. Robert says:

    I don’t like leftovers. Let him stay Mexican. We got Torres and Jones already. Bornstein can keep the left back spot.

  9. Eric says:

    Don’t want him. He already turned us down and played for mexico. I’m already not entirely sure how I feel about Jermaine Jones switching to the US as a consolation prize.

  10. Indie FC says:

    He had a chance and he didn’t go quietly, instead, choosing to take a shot at the country that gave him every advantage he’s ever had in his life by saying that “even if they call, I won’t come.” As far as I’m concerned, he’s right; he’ll never play for the U.S. The day we start undercutting the integrity of our own program is the day I stop following ANY country.

  11. elmatador says:

    He’s very inconsistent and always stirring controversy that’s why he leff out of favor at club America. Don’t need him don’t want him…Stay in Mexico

  12. zongzap says:

    He already rejected the US when he thought he was going to play for Mexico. Now that it isn’t working out he’s thinking about playing for the US? I really hope we’re not so desperate that we’d consider giving this guy a shot. He made his choice, rejected the US it’s over. In fact, maybe he should just turn in his passport too because we don’t need people like him representing the USA and if he loves Mexico so much… stay there

  13. Steve says:

    Are there any Americans that we might be at risk of losing to a similar situation (outside of Arturo Alvarez, because who cares)?

    Has Cooper had a non-friendly cap?

  14. ms says:

    Look out for Anthony Wallace in the next year or two. Good left footed left back playing for Dallas. Plays with U20s. Has been the best player for FC Dallas in the last three games.

  15. Josh says:

    Whereas Jones is a definite upgrade in terms of D-mid talent, I don’t know that the same could be said about Castillo. He’s free to switch or not–I respect his decision either way–but deciding to play for the US instead doesn’t mean he’s an automatic callup any more than it would be if he stayed with El Tri. Moreover, given his divided loyalty, Bradley simply CANNOT call him up for the qualifier in Azteca; that’s a given.

  16. Never First says:

    How is it that so many people talk about Subotic, Rossi and Castillo snubbing the US but will welcome Jones with open arms? Jones has no legitimate ties to this country. At least the others will play for countries they have some connection to. I know we Americans tend to think we have the greatest country and all, but don’t you think people in other countries might disagree?

  17. Christian says:

    I don’t really understand this entry, Ives.

    First of all, you failed to mention the reasons why Castillo chose to play for Mexico in the first place. You also failed to mention that he has been transfered to Tigres on a year-long loan or that Aguirre has already spoken to him regarding his national team future.

    I mean, are you going to do a piece regarding other dual-citizenship holding players?

    btw, I love the hypocrisy amongst some US fans that are jizzing themselves over Jones wanting to play in a WC and using the US to accomplish his goal and then these same fans turn around and criticize Rossi and Castillo.

    It’s hilarious.

  18. MexicanBluefish says:

    love him, hope he comes.

  19. Ted says:

    @Never Fist

    No legitimate ties except he has been an American citizen since birth.

  20. Never First says:

    Yes and he has an American name, but he barely speaks English, has never lived in this country and (from what I’ve read) barely knows his American father. Does he know any Americans? When the team is singing the national anthem at the World Cup, you think he’s going to feel anything inside?

    I’m not terribly opposed to Jones coming here, but my point is stop criticizing Castillo.

  21. David Raether says:

    Step one: have an MLS club sign him. If he’s not getting minutes with America, I know of, oh, maybe 15 clubs in the MLS who could use him regularly…

  22. JerryUSA says:

    Christian, when are you going to just shut the F up and find a Mexican forum to hang out at? I read SBI regularly and it seems like the only time you show up is to bitch about something related to Mexico (Didn’t see you around when your beloved ‘El Tri was getting spanked by Honduras and El Salvador).

    Castillo can still change his mind and play for the USA. That’s the point of this story. Castillo is a well-known case and one I’m happy to learn more about.

    Oh, and who the hell cares about his loan to Tigres? The point is this kid’s career is hitting some speedbumps. Going out on loan just a half season after getting to Club America tells me he’s got some issues going on. I also don’t buy the “talk” Aguirre had with Castillo about his national team future. Didn’t Hugo and Sven have similar talks? What did that get Castillo? Oh right, ZERO legitimate caps.

    I’m not crazy about him playing for the USA either but I do want to read about him. So Christian, how’s about taking a hike?

  23. ga-gone says:

    >Has Cooper had a non-friendly cap?
    >Posted by: Steve | June 13, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    Yeah. He even scored against Guatemala in the previous round of WC Qualifying. So he’s locked in.

  24. Steve-O says:

    Never First, Jones has no legitimate ties other than HIS FATHER BEING AN AMERICAN SOLDIER!!! Seriously? Before you rip the guy, how about learning his story.

    If his father can serve our country in the military then Jermaine Jones can wear the USA shield as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care that he’s grown up in Germany all his life.

  25. Texas Nat Fan says:

    I’m not above wanting mercenaries to play for the United States. If Castillo decides to switch–he won’t–then I would welcome him into the squad.

    As for Rossi, I understand his decision and don’t fault him for it. I wish him all the best. As for Subotic, he was just throwing a giant hissy fit for being left out of the Under-20s. I don’t respect him.

  26. Juan from L.A. says:

    I put this on another post. Right now he is not the quality to join the main team.

    The kid needs to get his career and head straight and bottomline mature as a person.

    Castillo’s demeanor leaves so much to be desire. His reputation in Mexico is of indiscipline and cockiness outside the field and too raw and reckless on the field. Typical young player who let the fame get to his head!!!

    I would rather have Vidal be given the nod at this point and let’s not forget Orozco. The Mexicans with this new rule can take him away from us.

  27. ETJ says:

    Great point Steve-O and I’m 100% percent with JerryUSA as well. I’m impressed with the consistently intelligent comments and debates on SBI and they’re a pleasure to read as much as the articles themselves

  28. Christian says:

    Bite me Jerry,

    I could care less what you think and my post was directed at Ives not at some wannabe soccer fan/journalist.

    You have your opinions, I’ve got mine and you can simply skip over my posts if you don’t like them.

    Sure Castillo could still “switch” and play for the US but he won’t because the same issues that led him to play for Mexico are still part of the fold, they haven’t gone away and that’s the point I was trying to make.

    The funniest thing about this is that you were one of those that held a grudge against Rossi for snubbing the US, as if he were some ex-girlfriend that broke your heart, and now you’re head over heels for Jones, who is essentially a mercenary looking to not finish his career with playing at a WC.

    You were also one of the ones crying on this very same site after the US got spanked by Costa Rica last week and got all choked up when Costly and Honduras made life miserable for the US last weekend.

    Eres un pinche mediocre.

    Viva Mexico & the US.

  29. Never First says:

    Steve, I was ripping the guy? Nope. I was ripping the hypocritical American fans.

    The point is Jones never wanted to play for American before, and why would he since he barely knew his father who bravely served this country? He thinks joining the USMNT is a way to play in the World Cup, so he’s taking advantage of it. Good for him, but don’t act like he has some great loyalty to this country.

  30. Adam says:

    Not going to happen

  31. SR says:

    I think that the Jermaine Jones newsflash was thrilling but I think we’re getting carried away with some speculation here. Castillo will almost surely stay with Mexico. Let’s keep our eyes on the trail.

  32. Iammetro says:

    Okay for all of those comparing Jones with Rossi, you need to cut that crap out. It is not the same. Rossi never ever wanted to be involved with the US program, he got called and he rejected it. Its not like he went to Italy because he didn’t get called up by the US. Jones got called up to Germany for friendlies and accepted but he isn’t cracking that German midfield for whatever reasons. So he is using the US as a way to get international football. I would take Jones anytime over Rossi. It is not the same. Jones is more like Deco, Brazilian playmaker that was never gonna break the Brazilian Selecao but instead decided to go with Portugal. Rossi could easily have been starting in the last World Cup if he had been in the US program from the beginning, but wasn’t because he didn’t want too.

    I don’t have problems with players not wanting to play for the US as long as they have no chance of getting that spot they play. If say we had 4 or 5 great forwards and Jozy couldn’t get in. I wouldn’t have an issue if he played with the Haitian National Team. I would have a problem if he knows that he could have a spot on our National Team and he decided to go with Haiti because for whatever reason he thinks it is beneath him that he should play for the US, a team that needs him desperately.

    As for Alvarez, I really wish he would be come more consistent. He could definitely get that LM spot on the US National team. We are playing Donovan there, not a position that Landon should be at. Donovan isn’t a striker hes a playmaker. All his goals come from the run of play, never with his back to the goal, which is what a striker does all the time.

  33. BillOhio says:

    Re: Jones, what more tie do you need than you father being American and in the Military?

    We’ve accepted people who’s only tie was that they married a US citizen, now the child of a US service member isn’t welcome?


    With all this nationalistic pride, I don’t see how you don’t welcome the child of a service member with open arms. One thing to remember about Jones, he wasn’t raised here and was estranged from his father, it’s not like he was here and turned his back on the US.

  34. Jose A. V. says:

    IF HIS HEART WAS TO PLAY FOR ANOTHER COUNTRY LET HIM PLAY THERE. I am Mexican American, and with out a doubt, I would play for the U.S. because I was born and raised here.

  35. BillOhio says:

    Also, according to Bob Bradley, this isn’t a new interest from Jones. He wanted to perhaps make the change years ago but had played in a U21 UEFA Cup Qualifier and that was the barrier. The had even brought in Agents and Lawyers before to work on this. So to recap, a U21 appearance was keeping him from the change until the new rules were put in place.

    We should welcome him.

  36. Iammetro says:

    Christian, your an idiot.

    Rossi and Jones are not the same thing. Jones isn’t being per sued by Germany for the US, German Citizen with US Citizen. Rossi was being per sued by the US and wanted to play for the US, and is a US Citizen. If you don’t get that, then you deserve your national team.

    Neven and Castillo hurt because they played in the US systems/grew up here and decided to go with their parent’s home country national team/someting that resembles their parent’s home national team.

    I’ll tell you this much, I’d give my family just as much crap if they did the same. If my cousins could actually play for the US and didn’t want too because they felt some obligation to play for El Salvador, I would give them crap until one of us died. Just the way I feel on the whole thing.

  37. USA says:

    I echo the sentiment of Anthony Wallace from FC Dallas. Watch him today on FSC. Hes definitely a sleeper even for 2010 having watched his last 3 games. He just gets it.

  38. JJ says:

    Castillo decided to reject the country of his birth (and likely the country where taxpayers have assisted him and/or his family) to play for the other side over a perceived snub that some in the Mexican-American community in the southwest plays up because they are more loyal to Mexico than the US. Now he wants to come back – I SAY WE GIVE HIM THE FMF OR AGUIRRE’s PHONE NUMBER AND TELL HIM TO CALL THEM IF HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR A NATIONAL TEAM

  39. ELAC says:

    Okay xenophobes here it is:

    1-Google search Martin Vasquez (ex-coach of Chivas USA and Bayern Munich). After doing so, STFU.
    2-Castillo was snubbed by US soccer on multiple occasions. He should have been on the U-17 in 2005. Cut him some slack.
    3-He IS an upgrade, considering our left back situation (see Costa Rica game on 6/3/09 for proof).
    4-Castillo is no Rossi, but if Rossi had a last minute change of heart under the SAME circumstances, would all be forgiven? STFU.
    5-Castillo has not made any claims like J. Jones, so its all speculation.

  40. ELAC says:

    BTW, Castillo and Jones = two crazy, mouthy, and undisciplined (allegedly), mofos!

    If that’s not American enough, I don’t know what is.

    Too many white guys on the USMNT with zero or little technical skill. LOL!
    We can’t muscle our way out of group stages if we don’t upgrade our player pool.

    We’re playing Italy, Brazil, and Egypt. Those nats are a “little” better than El Salvador/Costa Rica/Honduras.

    Im just saying.

  41. Jackie says:

    When Castillo is 27 years old and if he is still not being called by Mexico, then I am sure he will switch too.

    In the meantime, some of you need to stop with your xenophobia and sterotyping.

  42. Isaac says:

    Everyone needs to let fo of all the spite they feel towards Castillo and Rossi for snubbing the U.S. National team. Both their decisions were logical. No one came after Castillo except for Hugo Sanchez and whoever else the MFA sent so he thought the U.S. had no interest in him. Rossi had interest from both Italy and USA but he felt confident enough in his abilities that he thought he’d get a fair shot and he has. In Castillo’s case, his decision hasn’t worked out for him, where as Rossi’s has. Now the opportunity has arisen for him to make up for the “mistake” and get his career back on track. Considering our current situation at that left back, it’s not smart, or right, for us to turn him down out of angers. As soon as he’s eligible, we need to call him up.

  43. adam says:

    E. Castillo would be a great addition, HOWEVER, he would be slaughtered in the Mexican press…or maybe Aquire would.

  44. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I repeat: I want them all. Cap them all. Then sort out whether they can contribute to the Nats

  45. Jackie says:

    Isaac – Thanks for your common sense post.

  46. michael says:

    He doesnt want to play for the USA because he was never rated by American Youth Coaches who thought he wasnt big and strong enough and didnt take notice of his actual skill, that pissed him off and still pisses him off. He will play for Mexico. IF he does come play for us i would be shocked, but would welcome him as he is the best left back option we have even if he had a bad season. Stop comparing soccer to war, if he doesnt feel anything patriotic towards playing for the USA who cares? its a game and if he plays hard he is welcome.

  47. Javier says:

    Reading Ive’s article it seems this kid has been fairly adamant about not wanting to play for the U.S. So if he can’t get playing time with his club teams, the Mexican national team, and appareantly has made it clear he refuses to play for the U.S. should he really be allowed to play for the U.S. National team. I say NO!

    If he doesn’t want to be here which he’s made pretty clear than F* him. Why should we want to have him? Is he that much of an upgrade over Bornstein or Todd Dunivant (who has not been called in to camp because of previous injuries), or Spector who can also play on the left. Granted the U.S. is thin at left back options. Even if he is an upgrade he has made explicitly clear his refusal to play for the U.S. That shows a complete lack of respect for our country and our national team. The hell with him leave in Mexico.

  48. Al17 says:

    “…”Even if they call, I’m not going to come…”

    He was born and raised here and this is how he feels about his country’s national team? He can’t go to hell and not soon enough.

    There’s more than enough talent coming through whom would love to play for the USA and I look forward to supporting them.

    Sad thing is that when things don’t work out for him in Mexico, he’ll return to the US in a heartbeat.

    Fu..k him!!!

  49. Jason says:

    Frankly, I can’t abide the hypocrisy here.

    Some get down on players who chose another nation over the US (Rossi, Subotic, Castillo), but are willing to accept someone who makes the same choice in our favor with no qualms (Dooley, Stewart, Regis, Cunningham, Adu, Jones).

    If we wants to play for the Stars and Stripes, I say welcome aboard. But you’ll have to earn your spot. It won’t be given.

    Plus, I don’t think Castillo is going anywhere. Plus, we kind of snubbed him first.

    Some players who the US could lose: Alvarez (El Salvador), Holden (Scotland), and I’m sure some others.

  50. kofix5 says:

    Amurikuh Fukyeah

    All you xeno’s gran-pappy’s came from somewhere and some of them were responsible for the Genocide of the people who populated this country long before they arrived. Remember that.

    Somewhere along the time-line enlightened Americans gave up the notion that the only true Americans were descended from the Puritan Prudes. Anyone born in the USA since 1776 is American.

    Though it has taken some extra time for a certain ‘challenged’ group of Americans to accept the fact. It is a fact.

    And thats the Double Truth Ruth!

    Let the boys play. If they can make the team, they should play.

  51. LA NORTE says:

    Christian maybe you should think about going down to your beloved country south of my ass and help that economy out instead of ours. Even as bad as it is in the US, it will never be as bad as thePOS going on down there. I am sure your dumbass can’t even speak spanish..

  52. nico says:

    I don’t like leftovers. Let him stay Mexican. We got Torres and Jones already. Bornstein can keep the left back spot.

    Posted by: Robert | June 13, 2009 at 12:30 PM

    I’m not sure I understand, isn’t Jones a “leftover” too? (Though I may have missed something).

  53. socrates says:

    People with ties to more than one country have varying (and changing) feelings about those ties. And young people say stupid sh!t sometimes. Fluctuating emotions of players and fans are not a good basis for making personnel decisions.

    If Edgar wants to join up, we should be happy. We have a serious lack of LB talent.

    What’s that? Edgar’s club career has dropped off a bit? Hmm… makes him just like some other Bradley LBs — Beasley, Pearce.

    USA does not have the luxury to only play guys who are excelling at a top club. That’s why Bob has continued to call and cap Beez, Pearce, Edu, Adu, Jozy, Guzan, Feilhaber, etc. even when they were (or in some cases, still are) struggling at their clubs. The point is, we don’t have very much talent, esp. at forward and left back.

    So, if Edgar is eligible and elects to play for us, Bob would be foolish not to call him in. It’s not 100% certain that he’d beat out Bornstein and lock down the LB spot, but it IS 100% that he would improve our overall depth of talent at a position where the cupboard is fairly bare!

    Plus, it helps us in the future to have guys with dual-eligibility choose the US.

  54. adam says:

    LA NORTE….coming alive haha.

  55. kofix5 says:

    Leftovers are great! Reheat em, mix’em up with something unexpected, add a little spice and some seasoning. Mmmm, delicious. Wash it down with a nice German beer.
    I’m getting hungry.

  56. kofix5 says:

    You might be thinking of sloppy seconds. No one likes sloppy seconds. Yuk

  57. Dan Karell says:

    Im confused about this new rule change….I thought it was only if you have never appeared for the Main National team, but appeared for their u-21 in the past and are over 21. Algeria wanted it cause Mourad Meghni played for France u-21 but is now 27 and hasnt played or france cause he cant get on their squad, but he could get on algerias team. If this was the case then wouldnt Jones and Castillo be ineligible for the US Nats?

  58. socrates says:

    As far as the US losing players, Alvarez seems likely since he just petitioned to get an exception under the old rule. Now he is free to make the switch that he just tried a few months ago.

    Holden would be more of a shocker since he has featured much more for the USA already. Alvarez only got two U23 caps in the run up to the Olympics, whereas Holden got 11 including starting all 3 matches (and scoring a goal) at the Olympics. Alvarez has never been called into a senior team camp, whereas Holden has been called in twice — Jan. 2008 and Jan. 2009.

    So, Arturo is not currently on track for a US intl career (although that could change), whereas Holden knows that he has at least caught Bob’s attention.

  59. vic says:

    jose a. v.
    i’m like you-mex/amer. I would unequivocally play for US of A.
    I say bradley should be on a plane to talk to castillo to convince to join. how cool would that be if bradley put Orozco, Torres, and Castillo on the field against mexico in august. Throw in the half mexicans- bornstein & bocanegra….and bradley would be saying “hell, we have a mexican team of our own and they also can beat you”. Actually, the 3 amigos would give stability and calm for the US at crazy azteca stadium since they already play down in old mejico. However, didnt castillo grow up in las cruces….that pretty much is mexico, so he may not be convinced.

  60. Paul says:

    remember all:

    torres > castillo

    i’m never going to forget that banner

  61. vic says:

    unless I’m wrong, but didnt bornstein play in a jewish american team in israel’s jewish games or something like that? even players on the us teams are exerting ethnic pride in various ways…dont make such a big deal about it ese.

  62. Nicole says:

    Don’t want him.

  63. TonyT says:

    If he wants to play for the US, LET HIM COME DEFEND THE STARS AND STRIPES!!, more power to soccer here in the USA!

  64. DC96 says:

    I know the Jones news got everybody excited, but like ‘SR’ noted I think this is perhaps getting carried away…next people will be fighting over Adu and Ghana, and Holden and Scotland…But I hope Holden goes to either NT-me being born and raised US with a Scottish Grandfather!

  65. PDXDawg says:

    Xenophobia, or fear of immigrants or those outside of, in our case, the US, is a charge that some of the trolls on this board are making.

    So, ELAC finds himself “just saying”:

    Too many white guys on the USMNT with zero or little technical skill. LOL! We can’t muscle our way out of group stages if we don’t upgrade our player pool. We’re playing Italy, Brazil, and Egypt. Those nats are a “little” better than El Salvador/Costa Rica/Honduras.

    Two things in response:
    1) I’m pretty sure that the Azurri is full of technically gifted white guys.
    2) When one looks at our team compared to any other on earth, you’ll notice that it has the most diverse roster going. Its a virtual festival of multiculturalism.

    ELAC needs a dictionary and a life coach, so he can stop being offensive, and learn that just because he finishes a sentence with “STFU” doesn’t mean he’s making any sense. He can take that racism somewhere else.

  66. Christian says:

    La Norte

    What is that? Is that DC United’s version of a barra brava?


    I really don’t see how people can question a person’s loyalty to a country when they play soccer for a different country than the one they were born in.

    It’s only a sport.

    With that said, I don’t know how some can overlook the fact that Torres’ first choice was Mexico, not the US. In the end he did what most would consider the right thing, playing for the country of his birth.

    If he had played for Mexico, that wouldn’t have made him any less American than these pseudo psych majors/arm chair tacticians like La Norte.

    Just so you know, Mexico is a beautiful country with all its faults and I love it just as much as I love the USA.


  67. Steve T. says:

    Thank you PDXDawg!

    I was going to ask who the non technical white guys were…Altidore maybe? or Wynne? Onyewu? Torres? Beas? Rico? Does he consider Boca white and non technical?

    ELAC < Racist dickhead.

    Black, White, Latin, Asian, who gives a crap? If they love this country let em all wear the stars and stripes.

  68. Flipstar508 says:

    Castillo only rejected the US after he already said yes to mexico. He is a american born and raised and we need leftbacks. Right now we only have Bornstein or do u guys still want to see beaz(who sucks) and Pearce (who sucks more) at the left back position. I wan’t him and I will welcome him with open arms.

  69. PDXDawg says:

    Steve-I hear you friend. I’ll wait for ELAC’s response, but I hope he’ll say he really doesn’t have anything against the white guys on our squad. I trust he sees the value of Eddie Lewis to our plans to rule the football world.

  70. nico says:

    There is a ridiculous amount of hatred (borderline racism) on this blog. Pretty disgusting. I’m sure Ives didn’t intend it, but who didn’t see it coming….? I guess it helps the number of hits this blog gets, though.

    Regardless, I think the post is interesting. However I didn’t get the sense that Castillo was even considering the US, based on the content of the post. So I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

  71. Al17 says:

    Maybe some but not from yours truly.
    Look his quote said it all for me. We owe him nothing. If he felt that we did then his problems are huge. Players develop at different rates and he chose to play for the country of his parent’s origin. Fine with me ’til he made his comment then that put him on my Sh..t list. Comment wasn’t called for at all. This country was the reason why he was in the position to take advantage of the opportunity given to him and the least he could have done was show a hell of alot more respect. It’s that simple.

    F…k Him!!!!

  72. 1. “I’m the REAL American, and you’re not, so go back home if you don’t agree with me.” (quoted from a self-righteous white dude attending a Little Jimmy Dickens concert—white entitlement at its worst, shootings at Holocaust-themed museums excepted)
    2. Edgar Castillo is a REAL American. (Anyone who pisses off xenophobic whitey and their Toms of color is REAL in my book.)
    3. Heath Pearce is a wigger. (I’ve checked out his old MySpace page.)
    4. ELAC rules! (so does Jonny B when healthy, so STFU about moving Boca & Spector to left back)
    5. Let’s rescue Mike Randolph (USL Premier Development League) and Jose Burciaga, Jr. (self-imposed exile) from left back hell.
    6. I’ve raised the quality of discourse at this forum to the level of Lacan’s Language of the Self and Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
    7. The only white American soccer player worth their salt is Chad Barrett.
    8. The mixed- & mono-racial Asian Pacific Islander American soccer Hall of Fame: Brian Ching, Mark Chung, Lorrie Fair, Duke Hashimoto, Natasha Kai, Kyle Nakazawa, Lee Nguyen, Tiffany Roberts, Steve Shak, Alex Yi (there are some sorry-ass names on this list)
    9. Jermaine Jones has released 5 r&b records back in Germany.
    10. Don’t believe half the sh*t I write here.

  73. primoone says:

    Dont take parting shots then expect to be recieved with open arms.

    Fook him…let him rott down there.

  74. Never First says:

    What exactly did Castillo say that hurt everyone’s feelings so much? All I heard was he doesn’t want to play for the US. From reading this board, you’d think the guy pledged his allegiance to Saddam.

  75. adam says:

    “I’ve raised the quality of discourse at this forum to the level of Lacan’s Language of the Self and Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed”


    Lowered probably. P of the O is everything that’s wrong with academia. See The Closing of the American Mind please.

    SOME posters are SO ready to yell F–K YOU to someone they have never met. Get over it! Failing to land E. Castillo was a HUGE debacle on the part of US Soccer, bringing him back in the fold would make amends to many fans unhappy with the current US developmental program.

    FINALLY. It is OK to loathe the Mexican futbol team. It is NOT OK to hate on Mexicans in America or Mexicans in general. Some mix those up too often.

    That said, its annoying when individuals assert the charge XENOPHOBE at the drop of a pin.

    I have said my peace, happy Saturday everyone!

  76. Supsam says:

    F!@# Castillo!

    you say:”Even if they call me. Im not gonna come.”

    we say:”Even if you beg us. We wont welcome you back”

  77. madmax says:

    Ives, Is Castillo gay? And would there be a prejudice at the El Tri national level against him?

  78. Tim says:

    Wow Anthony Wallace must have great agents to have them post about how awesome he is on soccer comment pages. FC Dallas is crap, has been crap all season, and Wallace is part of their ineptitude.

  79. vic says:

    why would you ask whether he was gay? is it the pic of him
    seeming to be running in a rather girlish way? less then half of gays are actually prissy types. i live in SF, and have been shocked at who’s gay…and also who’s not ( we straight kiddies here go for slim euro clothes…does that make us unAmerican since we hate the oversized american athletic wear crap). Here’s an issue no one has brought up: size. The article states that his size led to him not being chosen at the youth level. Is this common? Given mexican’s usually smaller build (me included), maybe the youth system was going for bigger white dudes disproportionately. Maybe there was a built-in racism back then that made Mex/amer. wonder whether they had a real shot in teh US system.

  80. don't tread on me says:

    I’m torn over this one. With Mexico being the U.S.’s fiercest rival, it would be hard to root for a player who has played for them, and snubbed the U.S. at the same time.

    However, he would also add some much needed depth to our back line. I always felt if we could find another center back to team up with Gooch, Boca could move to the outside, but that doesn’t seem inevitable with our lack of center back depth (Gooch, Boca, DeMeritt, Me?)

    I won’t be heart broken if he doesn’t switch countries. The more I think about it, I would actually rather see him stay with Mexico, and be on the losing side of the U.S./Mexico games.

  81. Hi Adam,

    I’ve read Bloom’s text, as well as the major works of Hirsch, Schlesinger, Ravitch, and D’Souza, and I remain unconvinced by their pro-Anglo-conformist assimilation arguments. The conservative right’s ideological view of curriculum (and its development) is simply too antiquated in our increasingly pluralist society.

    Also, I DO understand that Pedagogy of the Oppressed is a difficult read; perhaps, you should check out the more user friendly oriented We Make the Road By Walking, a dialogue between Myles Horton and Freire.

    best wishes,
    M. Gomes

  82. adam says:


    Its not ‘built in racism’ BUT there seems to be an over-reliance on athleticism as opposed to technical skills…see Gooch. Fortunately this is being addressed. thankfully Cabrera holds the keys to the U17s. Someone with experiece outside of the US sporting world.

  83. Eric Griesheimer says:

    who is in the US lb pool? bornstein, heath peirce, Beasley, boca, maybe spector? castillo would definately add depth and quality to what is arguably the weakest group on the national team.


  84. madmax says:

    Good answer vic, you can’t tell from appearances, thanks. I was really curious whether El Tri would have an anti-gay bias, because of their macho image, and you answered that, I think.

  85. jrb says:

    Wow some of you are ridiculous…he was SNUBBED by OUR national team set-up throughout his years here. Mexico called him first, the country of his heritage, and thus he accepted. If we called first he’d probably would’ve accepted. Him saying that is a)b/c the rule wasn’t established back then and b)I don’t think the Mexican public would be happy with their national team player saying that he’d switch back to a hated rival if they came calling…all you ‘tards and bricks get off your high horses…he never said anything bad about the US and I would gladly take him back if he wanted to…obviously I wouldn’t guarantee him the start but it does nothing to hurt us and he is more “American” than Jones yo hypocrites.

  86. hank says:

    Why do we care about this guy? If he can’t paly for Mexico, who basically suck, how could he play for us????

  87. JeffM says:

    Castillo’s reasons for choosing Mexico were legitimate: they were calling him, we weren’t. I can’t blame him for going with the team that was calling him – Shalrie Joseph made the same decision (doh!).

    Here’s my logic on guys with dual-citizenship: they should play for the country to which they have real ties (i.e., where they grew up, not simply where they have citizenship), but if their “native” country doesn’t want them and another country does, then you can’t fault them for seizing the opportunity. I apply this rule like this:

    Rossi: I’m pissed, because he lived here until he was 14 and we definitely wanted him to play for us.

    Subotic: Again, pissed, because he lived here for several years – we even discovered him and brought him into our system – and he hadn’t been to Serbia since he was a baby. I wouldn’t have blamed him for picking Germany, but I’m upset that he picked Serbia.

    Castillo: Mexico was a legitimate choice when we weren’t calling him, and the US would be a legitimate choice now that Mexico isn’t calling him.

    Shalrie Joseph, Bakary Soumare: Can’t blame them at all; they had opportunities in their countries of birth, and their path to the US team wasn’t clear. But I still really wish that both of these guys played for us.

    Freddy Adu, Benny Feilhaber, Pablo Mastreoni, Stuart Holden: We don’t have to feel guilty at all for having these guys on the roster; they moved here for non-soccer reasons when they were young.

    Jermaine Jones, Thomas Dooley, David Regis, Zak Whitbread (if called): We should feel a bit guilty about having these guys on the roster; they’re only playing for the US because they couldn’t make their “native” national teams. None of those four grew up here; I’m not sure that Jones has ever even BEEN here. I don’t blame any of these guys for making the decision that they did, but taking players who would clearly rather play somewhere else if they could doesn’t exactly make me swell up with American pride.

  88. Joe B. says:

    I’m sorry, but I KNOW we got at least THREE guys in MLS who can play left Back. I’m sure Dunivant can do the job. If people don’t want to play for the US, why should we beg them to? Nonsense. Hey, is this guy the 4th best midfielder in Germany? NO. Is he playing for a top team in Spain? NO. Does he play for what in in my opinion the best tournament team pound for pound in the Western Hemishpere (Pachuca)? NO. Is he even getting time for the team that he’s playing for? No. Does Mexico seem to care for him? NO. Would you have a big brass band play New Orleans style funeral music in your living room while you’re baking a cake in your apartment? NO. Entiendes? Any more questions?

    Let’s talk about something more serious, Like that scene in ‘Land of the Lost’ where my man Will Ferrell was arguing with Matt Laurer! Did anyone see that yet? I gotta see that movie…

  89. adam says:

    JeffM, Whitbread was born in the states. and played with our youth squads. Fact check bro.

  90. Iammetro says:

    Jeff M, add Earnie Stewart. The guy is straight up Dutch. But he wasn’t gonna make the Dutch team at anytime in his life. He isn’t even living here in the states. He is still in Holland. The only time he lived here in the US was when he was with the DC Scum. But even after all of that. I love the man because he played with the love that someone has when representing the shirt that is on his back.

  91. Oranje Mike says:

    Castillo is no better than Rossi. He needs to live with his poor decisions. Have fun on a worthless Mexican side, Castillo.

  92. Kevin says:


    What and ignorant comment! Just because he’s Mexican-American and raised in the US, you automatically jump to the illogical assumption that he was probably supported by welfare?


    He doesn’t OWE anything to the “taxpayers who supported him”, he should be free to choose whichever country he feels more genuinely connected to.

    Take your ignorance somewhere else.

  93. Joe B. says:

    So I take it nobody saw LOTL yet?

    Amen to what Iammetro said about Earnie Stewart… but he did play for the Dutch youth system.

  94. Hezky says:

    If you want American, then have Castillo than Jermaine Jones. Castillo is born and raised in the U.S. So what that he saw himself as Mexican. Plenty of Irish-Americans see themselves as Irish, still they are Americans. But Jermaine Jones never lived here. I welcome him, too. But in Ives other post everyone is so enthusiastic about his change of heart…. but he’s never even lived here. With Castillo, it’s “Fu..k him!!!” I don’t get it. You’re born and bred in America, you’re American. Now you might be an American playing for the Mexican team, but you’re still American. You born and bred in Germany, you’re German. Now you might be a German playing for the American team.

  95. Phil says:

    For those of you that don’t care if (or even worse are against) Castillo plays for the US – you obviously have never seen him play.

    Imagine a left-footed, faster Steve Cherundolo that can dribble and shoot even better.

    Also, it’s not the first time this happened – Martin Vargas played about a dozen games for Mexico and then switched colors to become a solid defender for the Nats and in MLS.

  96. DaveW says:

    Michael Orozco has little chance, formwise, of playing for either the USA or Mexico right now, but Bob Bradley made sure he was cap-tied by playing him in a WCQ against Trinidad and Tobago. He’s a young defender who can improve.

    I wonder how Michael will feel about that if he improves enough to be in Mexico’s side but has too many guys ahead of him here?

    Over time this rule change could bite both ways for both players and national federations.

    As for Castillo, perhaps he should make the decision that helps him the most professionally. If he has a better chance of winning a spot on, and playing well in the WC for, one country over another it could mean a lot of bucks.

    Whether I like it or not is irrelevant as long as it’s within the rules.

  97. Ron says:

    Cap anyone who can help the USMNT! Castillo was snubbed at the national junior level…another oversight by the Gulati regime…if he and Jones can help…why not? After all, we lost Subotic and Rossi…

  98. DaveW says:

    As an aside to the discussion here, I read and post on SBI because it’s a place where I feel a part of a lively, but civil, discussion about soccer. That involves disagreement sometimes, and some folks have divided loyalties, respect for other teams/nations, or are from other countries and post/read here for the same reason.

    The variety makes it interesting, so why be rude or abusive about a civil post by someone else?

  99. The Gentleman Masher says:

    I’m just laughing at someone worrying about Kenny Cooper…you know, because if we won’t call him, England’s surely lining up to bring him into the fold. Ha!

  100. Kevin says:

    You guys aren’t completely right. Castillo didn’t reject this country; rather, we rejected him. This guy is getting capped with the Mexican national team and he could only get to the United States ODP regional team growing up? There’s something wrong with our system to identify players and we deservedly lost a decent player. I’d take him if he chose to play with the US for sure.

  101. Kevin says:

    And to those of you who question whether or not he speaks English, you’re stupid. Castillo grew up in NEW Mexico, one of the fifty states and didn’t even leave to play in Mexico until after his junior or senior year of high school. I played with his brother in ODP and they are completely bilingual. If he wants to give the US a shot, then let him!

    Party on.

  102. hype4US says:

    The sentiment over Castillo when he chose Mexico over U.S was: Wow, that sux! How did we lose him to El Tri. A lot of folks were ticked at our youth development programs for snubbing him. Also, when Pearce was struggling in the qualifiers, most fans wished Castillo was playing for the U.S. Just because Castillo had a bad season and Bornstein had one ok game vs. Honduras doesn’t mean our LB issue is solved. So if he decides he wants to play for the U.S through the new FIFA rule, then I would welcome him back with open arms. Anything to improve the quality of our player pool…

  103. E. Castillo has got a little brother we need to worry about also. Even if we don’t get him to apply to FIFA to change we have to work on his little brother from New Mexico.

    BTW, props to Ives for getting the Jermaine Jones story RIGHT unlike some other media outlets. I’ve followed the guy for a while and actually hoped years ago he’d play for us. Obviously once he choose Germany I was bitter towards him but still have taken some pride in his play at Schalke the last few years. I’m pleased Ives got the story right rather than breaking it with some falsehoods like other things I was on the net. So good job Ives!

  104. BlueWhiteLion says:

    “Xenophobe” is your new word of the day!! Use it well. Actually, I think it is being misused here, a tad off its definition.

    I will not like ANYONE who spurns my “mothersport” with my “fatherland.” :) Plain and simple. Rossi is a wuss. Castillo is a wuss. Jones is a potential hero.

    Two-faced? No. I see it that way every time.

  105. ELAC says:

    Settle down PDXpup and Esteban T.,

    It’s quite obvious from the moronic tone of your responses, that you missed the subtle facetiousness of my comments. I’m used to it as a ChivasUSA fan in Galaxyland. I piss off White-American-footie fans like Florentino Perez throws away cash. I call it the Sotomayor effect.

    Honestly, I don’t care who suits up for the USMNT in terms of race and neither should you. Just consider this, probably in the next 10-20 years, more and more American-born Spanish speaking soccer playing kids are going to have to make a choice(just like Gringo Torres and M. Orozco)and pick a country to play for. Judging from some of these comments, they’ll probably want to play for their parent’s country. This really is a global sport with various styles emanating from every corner of the world.
    Here in the US, I think we have a serious problem evaluating talent and coaching the technical game. We seem to ignore on a grand scale players that aren’t 6ft or run the 100m in under 10 seconds. I’m not saying the USMNT should be all white or black or whatever, but when a player like
    Landon Donovan is considered the best player in the MLS, let’s not forget that he grew up most of his life playing with those same Spanish speaking kids. His talent is natural born, not doubt. However, what about those players he played with?
    It behoove US Soccer to do more for these players. Even if it means, opening the door for a blowhard like Castillo.

    For fun,
    link to

    World famous ELAC.

  106. Jamie Z. says:

    Wait, wait, there’s a NEW Mexico?

  107. T of D says:

    Dave van den Bergh is married to an American. I’m sure he would easily qualify for citizenship if not already. Should he be capped?

    smile when you read this one.

  108. PDXDawg says:


    I wasn’t responding to the issues of player development in the USSF, and you’ve yet to address my issues I’ll raise them again.
    There was no tone in my comments; I raised the possibility that you’re simply a man with a limited vocabulary, who thinks he can say what he wants with no regard to how ridiculous it sounds. After this, I must conclude my suspicions were right.

    So one last time:
    When one looks at our team compared to any other on earth, you’ll notice that it has the most diverse roster going. You don’t see this? Since when are we afraid to suit anybody that wants to play? Dooley, Ramos, Mastroeni, Balboa, Preki, Clavijo, Adu, etc, etc, etc.

    There’s no subtlety in your words, and if your goal is to piss off “White Americans” that makes you a tool.

  109. Danny says:

    Don’t want him. He made his bed now he can sleep in it. I hope Mexico fails to qualify for 2010 and he watches on TV only to wonder what might have been.

    He can go to hell.

  110. Danny says:

    Better yet, let’s get him back, play him during stoppage time against Mexico in the Gold Cup, cap tie him, then never call him up again. LOL

  111. adam says:

    CASTILLO WOULD BE A BOON TO THE USA! Get over yourselves.

  112. Scott A says:

    Imagine if somebody posted on here saying that they like to piss off “Black Americans” or “Asian Americans”. Would be an uproar. This is the worst discussion ever

  113. Josh says:

    link to

    Go to the link for all you haters thinking this kid is not American…he was born and raised here and we tunred our back on him. WE failed to call him up…so dont give him hell for going to the side that wanted him.

  114. fieldsy says:

    josh, wanted him? it seems like “el tri” isn’t very interested in him at all if they haven’t called him in 2 years to their roster, that’s why there is a debate about his future in the first place because now it seems that mexico doesn’t want him.

  115. ELAC says:

    Pissing off white Americans is my passion. LOL!

    Seriously, the only tool here is you, PDX. I stand by comments. Ridiculous, yes. Racist, no. Dogmatic, yes.

    PDX unless your last name is Webster, than who are you declare who has a limited vocab?

    I can’t believe you took my comments seriously. LMFAO.

    Diversity is beautiful. Let’s hug a tree while we are at it. However, that diversity didn’t translate to much at the 2006WC. It won’t mean much at the Confed Cup either if we come home with no points.

    When you’re done drinking the Kool Aid Gulati made you, you’ll realize that all I’m saying is include more American players with Spanish surnames or of varying technical abilities AND welcome them to US soccer. Give them an equal chance, too. That means hiring coaches with a little more international experience.

    PDX tool #1,

  116. ThaDeuce says:

    you can never have too many piss poor choices for left back! Come home Casillas!

  117. PDXDawg says:


    You are by self-admission a racist since you apparently see it as your goal in life, “your passion”, to treat with disrespect an entire portion of the human race. Call it what you will. Its not cool just because you’re talking about white folk, as if they’re “all the same.”

    You have a limited vocabulary because you finish most of your very short paragraphs with vulgar little phrases. It seems that insults with pseudo-profanity attached is your crutch. Too bad for you.

    You ramble about in your thoughts with no apparent thread to tie it all together. You’ve yet to answer any of the concerns I had. It was you that made, and continue to make racist comments, and speak irrationally about needing more Spanish speaking, Spanish surnamed players. If the best 11 players in this country are all named Rodriguez or Smith, I couldn’t care less. I don’t see them any different than any other American players, but apparently you do.

    Want to root for the Latino NATS, and start a club? Cool-go for it.

    Want to flame half the people (you know those whites you’re not too fond of) on this board and speak in racist language? Not cool, and if Ives even reads this stuff, ought to get you banned.

  118. be champions says:

    Good point, Jason, especially on Regis, who was married to an American and got divorced once he was eligible–all to play in a WC. And once there, wasn’t what I’d call outstanding. Who’s heard from him since?!

    But I beat you’ll all will be more than happy to sell your souls if we field a team with Jones and Castillo that takes us to the WC final–patriotism be damned.

    Just something to chew on…

  119. Rastafari says:

    its UnNaiMOUS

  120. Steve T. says:

    Not to pile on you ELAC, but your posts really are scatter brained. Your last posts insinuates that tree huggers are an ethnicity. Lets agree that this country is so massive that many talented players, whether they be white, black, latin or whatever, fall through the cracks and move on.

  121. brad says:

    stay in mexico…we dont want you…

  122. garbaggio says:

    These discussions bring out lots of nationalistic sentiments.

    I have no problem with Edgar Castillo choosing Mexico. Like millions of other Mexican-Americans he’s comfortable in both countries and he got his early career opportunities in Mexico not in the US. Since he’s played for Mexico and declared that he wants to continue playing for them there would be a good bit of backlash against him if he changed his mind at this point.

    He’s still in the early years of his career and will have plenty more chances if he continues to do well.

  123. Sterlinho says:

    I don’t blame players for switching countries in order to play in the World Cup. Heck, I would play for American Samoa in order to get an international cap. Don’t say you wouldn’t either.

  124. Nick says:

    This is what we get for being a nation of opportunity. People come to this country for monetary gain but they don’t want to lose their “heritage” so they remain loyal to their roots. This loyalty can last generations. Just look at Italians in New York in the early 1900’s or Japanese-Americans during WW2. Its the same thing now with Hispanic-Americans. Just look at all the baseball players who live, work and are citizens of the US but for some reason chose to play for Dominican, Puerto Rico, Venezuela etc. Its what this country has to deal with for being the global power it is.

  125. In sum, this collective body of postings has taught me the following:

    1) ELAC still rules.

    2) Overly defensive white people (as well as racial minorities who act as white apologists) can be annoying.

    3) Some white people DO get it. (i.e. they get that whiteness isn’t a universal standard or norm, and that the use of the term “American” as a RACIAL label is an outgrowth of one’s socialization in a white supremacist culture)

    4) RE: Scott’s comment – “Imagine if somebody posted on here saying that they like to piss off ‘Black Americans’ or ‘Asian Americans.’ Would be an uproar.”

    Racial minorities have been pissed off for centuries in the U.S., so it would be a little redundant to begin posting anti-Asian, anti-Black, anti-(non-white) Latino, anti-Native Hawaiian, and anti-American Indian postings here.

    Are you familiar with the term “institutional racism?” [see Indian removal, the destruction of Native Hawaiian peoples, Angel Island detainment, the Chinese Exclusion Acts, Japanese American internment, anti-miscegenation laws, alien land laws, the Immigration Act of 1924, the 1790 Nationality Act (which was in effect for Asians up to 1954), the Jim Crow system, Operation Wetback, the Zoot Suit Riots, Anglo-conformist assimilation in schools, Vincent Chin / Luis Ramirez, the emasculation of men of color, media white-washing, blackface, yellowface, minstrelsy, the glass ceiling, and so on. (Where's slavery?)]

    The point I am making here is that racial minorities–given an understanding of institutional racism–generally know what it means to “overreact” [i.e. get overly defensive] to perceived racism. They’ve got REAL experience on this topic.

    By extension, most of the individuals who are reacting to perceived “anti-white” prejudice at this forum tend to be OVERREACTING.

    5) If I really hated white people, would I be a big Brian Wilson fan? [Some of my best friends are white.]

  126. adrian says:

    the only reason he choose mexico is because the united states don’t have any fans everytme they play at home it looks like there away there is more fans from the away team and that is just sad.

  127. Hi Nick,

    RE: “Just look at Italians in New York in the early 1900’s or Japanese-Americans during WW2.”

    Your understanding of U.S. history is lacking, to say the least. The World War II-era 442nd combat unit, consisting exclusively of Japanese Americans from Hawaii and the U.S. mainland, is arguably the most decorated unit in U.S. military history, so don’t even SUGGEST that Japanese Americans were disloyal to America.

    As a matter-of-fact, anti-Japanese sentiment was so high in the U.S. AFTER the war, 2nd generation Japanese Americans did their best to shed all signs of their “Japanese-ness” to the extent that self-hatred ran rampant in this ethnic community for many decades.

    M. Gomes

  128. PDXDawg says:


    Your tired rhetoric of entitlement and victimization is just what this country needs less of. For every abuse or missed mark that this country has suffered, some at the hands of “whitey” it has nevertheless remained the example to untold millions around the world.

    The fact that you can only point out that minorities have been “pissed off” for centuries, and then list grievance upon grievance, without simultaneously pointing out that minorities in the US have more opportunity guaranteed under the law here than anywhere else is pathetic, if not intellectually dishonest.

    Did you mention the black President, or Attorney General, or the woman who serves as Speaker of the House
    America perfect? Of course not.

    Name a better place, and be specific without dribbling on about past abuses that have since been corrected.

    There’s no overreaction here. Folks like you will lead directly the balkanization of this great country, though that may be your goal, huh? Hyphenate everybody’s name by ethnic group, and forget the phrase “e pluribus unum”

  129. PDXDawg says:


    One more thing:
    You don’t really mean that because you like Brian Wilson, that makes you tolerant of whites do you? So a suburbanite white family whose children have a love affair with Tiger Woods and Beyonce are enlightened, too?

  130. Marvin - Dont Tread on US says:

    Ives why are you writing this?

    Castillo is no Roberto Carlos. We must focus on our players, not some guy who choose to play for Mexico and they forgot about him.
    No second chances. He has worn the Mexico jersey and great for him Im sure hes proud even if it was only a couple of games… But he sure as hell will not wear the US jersey.

    Theres a reason why Mexico does not call him up. Why should we?
    We have enough talent pool to figure out our left back situation.
    He can’t even start in America. He obviously does not care for the US. We don’t care for him. Period.

  131. Ben says:

    For people who don’t understand.. Its seems offensive when someone born and raised here doesn’t consider this his country. Not a huge deal, let him emigrate, but he shouldn’t expect to be welcomed back.

    Jones is different. He was born and raised mostly in Germany. Being a second option is not an insult. Being on the US team is hardly a claim to fame and fortune. Of course we are more welcoming to immigrants than emigrants.

  132. Hi PDXDawg,

    1. RE: “Your tired rhetoric of entitlement and victimization is just what this country needs less of. For every abuse or missed mark that this country has suffered, some at the hands of “whitey” it has nevertheless remained the example to untold millions around the world.”

    Just what exactly am I entitled to? To speak as an authority on race? Okay, then I would agree with you on this point; your sense of observation is very keen, Dawg.

    Give us more of your white defensiveness. The world needs more “tired rhetoric of entitlement and victimization,” if only from the perspective of Dawgs like you. [Ha, I inverted you!]

    As James Baldwin noted, “That victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim; he, or she, has become a threat.”

    2. RE: “The fact that you can only point out that minorities have been “pissed off” for centuries, and then list grievance upon grievance, without simultaneously pointing out that minorities in the US have more opportunity guaranteed under the law here than anywhere else is pathetic, if not intellectually dishonest.”

    Are you inferring that I should thank white Americans for my ‘blessed life’ in America? [ about ENTITLEMENT]

    I suppose you believe it was out of the kindness of white America’s collective hearts that the Chinese Exclusion Laws were repealed. WRONG!

    Or, that white America fought to diversify school curriculums by introducing Ethnic Studies into higher ed. WRONG!

    Or, that white America…sh*t. I could go on and on, but I’ve got a Lakers game to watch.

    So, let me just say that I WILL give props to some white folks—e.g. Tim Wise, George Lipsitz, Jean Baker Miller, Peggy McIntosh, Greg Jay, John Brown, Chad Barrett, Jerry West, Crispus Attucks (the old East Coast punk band, not the African American martyr), and others who acknowledge/d that American culture is a white supremacist culture. Just because we acknowledge our national culture’s imperfections doesn’t mean we do not love it; I critique the culture with the hopes of seeing it improve. [We also live in a sexist, homophobic, and classist culture, so by no means am I suggesting that racism is the only form of social injustice that needs to be dealt with.]

    3. RE: “Did you mention the black President, or Attorney General, or the woman who serves as Speaker of the House America perfect? Of course not.”

    Why should I mention these things? Surely, you don’t expect me to view them as signs that institutional discrimination has officially ended in America, do you? And you accuse me of intellectual dishonesty? Boy, you really didn’t get the subversion behind my “some of my best friends are…” joke.

    4: RE: “There’s no overreaction here. Folks like you will lead directly the balkanization of this great country, though that may be your goal, huh? Hyphenate everybody’s name by ethnic group, and forget the phrase ‘e pluribus unum'”

    Dawg, you are presupposing that people in America were always united, that they held hands at barbecues, and lived to sing “Kumbayah” for another day. You accuse me of “intellectually dishonesty,” but at least I have provided you with some examples of institutional racism that obviously show your claim about future balkanization to be misinformed. If anything, we were ALREADY ‘balkanized’ long ago. It’s not our differences that create tensions, since there is nothing inherently bad about differences. Unfortunately, some people have a difficult time learning to live with others’ differences.

    Multiculturalism beats Anglo-conformity any day!

    5. RE: “You don’t really mean that because you like Brian Wilson, that makes you tolerant of whites do you? So a suburbanite white family whose children have a love affair with Tiger Woods and Beyonce are enlightened, too?”

    Do I really have to answer this? [I was joking, albeit subversively.]

    I love you like an annoying dysfunctional brother; there’s still hope for you, but with each passing year, I get a little more depressed about your future. Now go read some (good) books (see Lipsitz, Wise, et al.).


  133. PDXDawg says:


    I’ll grant your energy, but you’re enthusiasm seems displaced since I asked you a simple question: Since this place is so crappy, and since institutional racism is prevalent, tell me where you and yours could get a better deal. That’s really all I want to hear. We can start on this continent and move to all the others.

    Any of the Central America’s enlightened countries?
    South America? I think maybe Venezuela’s got hope for you.
    Africa-almost fifty chances there?
    The Middle East…maybe Iran?
    China? they’re into personal freedom. If they’re full try North Korea…how’s that sound?
    Anywhere else?

    The point, my misguided friend, is that while I am not here to be an apologist for injustice, you need to learn some context. I was born and raised in the Deep South. In my lifetime our region of the country has gone from Jim Crow segregation and institutionalized discrimination to a better era where, largely, the playing field has been leveled. If you don’t recognize the truth of that statement then you are blind.

    We are closer to the day when Dr. King’s desire that men and women would be judged by “the content of their character” is becoming true. Until people’s hearts change, nothing changes. That much is clear.

    So while you critique the culture of your country I might ask that you affirm the things that make this a great nation. Come to think of it, I’ve read nothing from you that makes me think you’re capable or desirous of such a thing. Let me give you a couple of places to start: Rule of Law, Civil Rights, Freedom of Expression/Religion/Press/Assembly, Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

    We live in a country where people on opposite ends of the political spectrum (you and I) can debate in cyberspace. While I type this Iran is jamming satellite transmissions to keep the truth about their elections from getting out. Could you at least admit the qualitative difference between our government/society and that of our friends in the Persian Gulf? Glad you’re here and not there? Think you could get more done here or there?

    Standing by.

  134. Hi Dawg,

    1. RE: “I’ll grant your energy, but you’re enthusiasm seems displaced since I asked you a simple question: Since this place is so crappy, and since institutional racism is prevalent, tell me where you and yours could get a better deal. That’s really all I want to hear. We can start on this continent and move to all the others.”

    [Sh*t, I do have a LIFE, and you want me to react to EVERY ONE of your questions? At least thank me for addressing 90% of what you previously wrote!]

    Can I return to your “intellectual dishonesty” motif from earlier? I have not lived in and extensively researched every nation on this planet. Should I assume that you have? To use an analogy, you are like a Christian who has spent nearly their entire life being socialized within the culture of Christianity, and then you argue, “Christianity is better than Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism.” Yet, how can one know such a thing if they have not seriously spent time engaging and researching non-Christian traditions? [In short, how can one know of non-Christian traditions if 1) they have spent little time engaging them directly or 2) most of what they know of non-Christian traditions is filtered through the perspectives of other Christians?]

    So, there may or may not be countries that offer its citizens a better quality of life than what is available to American citizens. I don’t care to waste my time on this matter because I am most concerned with improving conditions in the U.S., not elsewhere.

    2. RE: “The point, my misguided friend, is that while I am not here to be an apologist for injustice, you need to learn some context. I was born and raised in the Deep South. In my lifetime our region of the country has gone from Jim Crow segregation and institutionalized discrimination to a better era where, largely, the playing field has been leveled. If you don’t recognize the truth of that statement then you are blind.”

    Social progress does not negate the existence of white supremacy, which is still prevalent in American culture. Progress is relative. Yes, women have it relatively better now than they did 100 years ago, and 100 years from now, our society will look somewhat ‘backwards’ in comparison to the social progress made in the future.

    Things may be better now in the south relative to 50 years ago, but I would doubt “level playing fields” are commonplace. This is where HARD WORK via research comes into play. [I would suggest you look into George Lipsitz's The Possessive Investment in Whiteness or read Tim Wise's online articles to gain an understanding of just how COMPLICATED institutional racism is. I'm not getting paid for writing this sh*t, and I have REAL work to do, so don't expect ME to detail all of this for you.]

    The more important question that needs to be assessed is “why do YOU care so much that I acknowledge the relative-ness of social progress?” How does my doing so serve your ideological agenda?

    3. RE: “We are closer to the day when Dr. King’s desire that men and women would be judged by “the content of their character” is becoming true. Until people’s hearts change, nothing changes. That much is clear.”

    Why do white people [or people of color who are apologists for whites] generally co-opt Dr. King circa 1963, and not the Dr. King of 1968, when he began to see some of the logic behind the Black Power Movement’s rhetoric of self-determination? [ANSWER: The 1963 era Dr. King doesn't serve the ideological view of those who seek a "color-blind" society, a well-intentioned but ultimately disastrous perspective to possess in a contemporary society where very real acts of racism continue to occur.]

    4. RE: “So while you critique the culture of your country I might ask that you affirm the things that make this a great nation. Come to think of it, I’ve read nothing from you that makes me think you’re capable or desirous of such a thing. Let me give you a couple of places to start: Rule of Law, Civil Rights, Freedom of Expression/Religion/Press/Assembly, Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. ”

    You are smarter than this; please come harder. [Many of the qualities you make note of are SELF-EVIDENT in my writing.]

    Other things that made the U.S. a great nation: Lydia Mendoza, Grace Lee Boggs, Phillip Vera Cruz, Yuri Kochiyama, Jesse Marsch, Howard Zinn, the aforementioned Dr. King, Duke Ellington, Huell Howser, soul food, the U.S. national soccer teams, and the Velvet Underground.

    5. RE: “We live in a country where people on opposite ends of the political spectrum (you and I) can debate in cyberspace. While I type this Iran is jamming satellite transmissions to keep the truth about their elections from getting out. Could you at least admit the qualitative difference between our government/society and that of our friends in the Persian Gulf? Glad you’re here and not there? Think you could get more done here or there?”

    Why do I need to admit something that has nothing to do with my original statements? I’m not too concerned with what is happening in Iran; I’m looking to improve the United States so that it can be a better place than it already is.

    Why do you make comparisons to Iran and not Sweden, Iceland, Tuvalu, Monaco, or Liechtenstein?

    Rather than simply look for easy examples to reinforce your ideological view, why don’t you study those societies that are genuinely unfamiliar to you—discursive practice is not always about ‘winning’ or ‘losing,’ but about learning.

    Best wishes,

    [now I gotta get back to my real work...]


    [ANSWER: The 1963 era Dr. King DOES serve the ideological view of those who seek a "color-blind" society, a well-intentioned but ultimately disastrous perspective to possess in a contemporary society where very real acts of racism continue to occur.]

  136. PDXDawg says:


    Good of you to reply…briefly retorting:

    1) For the record you have never actually answered the question I asked, but so be it. And for the record, since you mention it, I am a Christian, but for the moment that’s beside the point.

    2) You’re use of white supremacy is troubling, since there are a series of pre-suppositions that Mr. Lipsitz makes that are fraught with error. I am familiar with his work though not intimately. I assure you any sociological theory based upon trying to research our way to a colorblind society is doomed to fail.

    3) You’re wrong about King. While he certainly grew frustrated by certain things in the movement, the Vietnam War, he before his assassination had seen many positive changes that to this day have helped to transform the way the the constitutional law was enforced to benefit all Americans, especially those that had up to that time been disenfranchised- The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc. The night before his death, it was King who said “He’d been to the Mountaintop.” He and others who felt real oppression were convinced the right changes would come, and they have ultimately been borne out to be right.

    4) Well, you can’t imply, or subvert or whatever, and never speak about it and then claim you’ve endorsed it. The “it” I speak of is affirming the good things, even the beautiful things that do still allow the promise of this country to resonate for so many millions of people around the world. Remember the dude standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square…he was inspired by the promise of freedom that he believed was his, if the Chinese government would only follow our example. You know this, I am sure.

    5) The fact that there are easy examples to reinforce makes my point, friend. I’ve wanted to hear you say that there are places so bad, so far from what this nation delivers to its citizens that they’d be unthinkable to trade for.

    Since you’re apt to share with me some resources, I’ll return the favor. The article below, from a liberal think tank, no less, describes the net black migration that has occurred since the 1960’s, back into the South. This pattern is a huge historical reversal from at least the 1910’s and the First World War.

    link to

    This is relevant to our discussion for the following reason: In just over a generation, the black Americans who were for so long denied full participation in the political and social have decided to return by the hundreds of thousands, and permanently. How’s this possible, when everything “White America” wants to do runs counter the needs, desires and wishes of this long-oppressed group of Americans doesn’t feel it; certainly not to the degree they once did. The playing field is as level as the law can make it.

    Going back to point #1 you made, there is such a thing as Truth, wouldn’t you agree? We’re not all seeking what’s true for me and for you, and finding that at the end we’re on two sides of the same issue? How do we know what we know?

    Its good to engage, and if your interested, I’ll be glad to share more :) Peace.

    As always,


  137. vic says:

    Portland Dawg & Mauricio,
    nice give and take. There’s a similar string of give and take on another soccer
    site of the American scene (also on race)
    There should be a soccer, society, and intellect blog somewhere?
    Is there one?

  138. PDXDawg says:


    Thanks my man. We should invent one. I’ll ask Mauricio to join us, and his friend and partner in crime, ELAC.

  139. Alf says:

    U.S. should seek him out again and take what it can get if he shows some promise. Some of you are acting as if the U.S. team is some form of royalty that doesn’t need any more help. Did you see that game against Costa Rica?

    This country is a country of immigrants. We should be hounding the world stage for dual-citizenship players to bring into the U.S. team.

  140. James says:

    Let Castillo stay in Mexico, Bornstein is the future. Maybe he will go Europe soon.

  141. Dave G. says:

    Pick a country and stick to it! Maybe the issue is “EARNING YOUR SPOT BACK” on the roster. Its about the passion of playing for your country, doesn’t seem he has it.

    Why would any country want him to play for them.

  142. lc man says:

    Las Cruces NM spent alot of money on this guy. They tried to get through High School but I guess his dream or maybe his dads dream was to play in Mexico for his home town. Either way he left us hanging never looking back. By the way his brother Noel choose the same path. These two are the best players I’ve seen but it’s too late, we don’t player their style of soccer.

  143. piky says:

    i think he should switch to the US, or even if the US dosent call him, i hope mexico never calls him back for even thinking about switching. hes pathetic. this kid thinks way to much of himself hes just arrogant.

  144. new mexican d1 soccer player says:

    hes the fasted kid ive ever played against and smart two. hes little and knows how to squeeze out players from the ball.. he is quick and very good at getting forward. i played against him in club and high school. he is legit. the reason he turned down the usa before is because they turned himdown cuz of his size. but now they want him because they realize how good he is!