Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Juan Riquelme (AP)

If you don't have many plans today, I suggest you don't make too many because today is filled with great soccer action to watch.

What sort of match-ups are we talking about? Try Tottenham-Manchester United in FA Cup action, Fiorentina and Juventus in Serie A and Boca Juniors and River Plate in Argentina's ultimate rivalry.

The action doesn't end there. Along with tonight's USA-Sweden friendly, there is also the Pachuca-San Luis match that will feature Jose Francisco Torres against Michael Orozco. If that's not enough Mexican soccer action you also have the Guadalajara Clasico between Tecos and Chivas.

That is just some of today's soccer action on TV. Go to the jump for today's full schedule of matches (and feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on all of today's action in the comments section below):

  • 8am- Setanta USA- West Ham at Hartlepool (FA Cup)

  • 10am- FSC- Aston Villa at Doncaster (FA Cup)

  • Noon- FA Cup- Tottenham at Manchester United (FA Cup)

  • 2:30pm- FSC- Fiorentina at Juventus

  • 4pm- GolTV- Numancia at Barcelona

  • 4pm- Galavision- El Salvador at Belize (UNCAF Cup)

  • 4:30pm- FSC- Fulham at Kettering

  • 6pm- Telefutura- Pachuca at San Luis

  • 6pm- GolTV- Paraguay vs. Uruguay (South American Under-20s)

  • 6:30pm- Galavision- Nicaragua at Honduras (UNCAF Cup)

  • 7pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Boca Juniors at River Plate

  • 8pm- Telemundo- Tecos at Chivas

  • 8pm- GolTv- Chile vs. Bolivia (South American Under-20s)

  • 8:30pm- FSC- Sweden at USA

  • 10pm- Telemundo- Morelia at Atlante

  • Midnight- Fox Sports Espanol- Chievo Verona at Reggina

  • 1am- FSC- Newcastle Jets at Sydney FC

SBI will have a running commentary post for tonight's USA-Sweden match so stay tuned for that. For now, enjoy all of today's action and be sure to share your thoughts below.

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63 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. sweden wins 2-1 says:

    Sweden wins 2-1

  2. kofi_x5 says:

    U got that backwards

    US wins 2-1

  3. Adam says:

    Beasley and Edu don’t even make the bench…AGAIN! Can they really be that awful.

  4. Krista says:

    Anyone know where I can watch the Chelsea match today?

  5. Hincha Tim says:

    The River-Boca match is a pre-season summer tournament, so while whenever those two teams play there is a serious rivalry, it is not a game in a meaningful competition.

  6. Krista says:

    dempsey with the nice cross to set up a goal. 12th min.

  7. Isaac says:

    Krista, do you have a link cause FSC isn’t showing fulham-kettering.

  8. Krista says:

    Yeah but its not in english. Quality is so so… link to

  9. Weaver83 says:

    looks like demerit just scored for watford…awesome

  10. Tim says: has a bunch of links

    And Marca has Altidore on the bench

  11. Tim says:

    i mean streams not links

  12. Isaac says:

    I cant stand the streams. I’m stuck with some guy who only speaks spanish and another guy who refuses to translate.

  13. Krista says:

    free kick deflected off a fulham player. tied now. 34th min.

  14. Krista says:

    the game comes on FSC at 4:30 if you want to wait until then Issac.

  15. Isaac says:

    Whats the starting lineup for fulham, or at least what position is Deuce playing?

  16. Adam says:


  17. Krista says:

    If Fulham lose/tie this match their confidence is going to be hard to get back with losing Bullard this week as well.

  18. eric says:

    I’ve got a pretty good stream via on Fulham, which is still tied in the 65th. Fulham are pressing.

    Dempsey with a shot… that wasn’t the best idea. Outside his range, and he doesn’t connect well.

  19. eric says:

    Fulham are playing Nigerian MF Dickson Etuhu in place of Bullard. Or were, here comes Danny Murphy on for him, as well as Zamora for Zoltan Gera.

  20. eric says:

    Wow, Zamora misses a great chance, got behind the defense for a lofted ball but heads wide.

    Beardsley on for Kettering, who is in fact bearded.

  21. eric says:

    Goal Fulham! Danny Murphy hits a low drive into traffic which hits off a defenders foot and bounces in. 2-1 77th

  22. sean monaghan says:

    celtic 2 hibs 1

    rangers tie abderdeen!!!

    can you here rangers sing??? noooo nooooo

  23. sean monaghan says:

    I lied!scott brooooooooooooon


  24. eric says:

    Penalty – Kettering steal one back to tie it. Hangeland gets a YC for being too close to a man falling over in the box, always a bad idea.

  25. John says:

    go on doncaster! i love it when the underdogs beat prem teams in the fa cup

  26. eric says:

    Wow, it’s all happening now and Fulham look safe. Zamora puts on the hero costume and in 2 mins scores one goal and assists on another for Johnson. 4-2 Fulham, 90+

  27. eric says:

    That’s it, Fulham survive. Crazy match, 4 goals in the last 15 mins.

  28. mEtRo bOy TilL Da dAy i DiE! says:

    any1 goin to nevades smith in ny to watch usa vs sweden match?

  29. Ted says:

    Pavlyuchenko great diving header for the opening goal, Spurs 1, ManUtd 0

  30. eric says:

    The Red Headed Red Card (Scholes) scores a Lampard-esque deflected goal, 1-1 35th.

  31. eric says:

    And Berbatov bags one on the restart, I didn’t think that was live! 2-1 ManU

    Looks like Man U is playing Tevez and Berbatov with Rooney sitting.

  32. RS says:

    Rooney has a bad hamstring and will be sitting for another two weeks or so.

  33. eric says:

    Half time, still 2-1 Man U. For all the whining about injuries, I think there are 14 players today who are regulars for country.

    I was disappointed by Modric who was a turnover machine after really impressing me against Portsmouth last week. Man U gave Fabio de Silva his debut today.

  34. eric says:

    Man U – Spurs started the 2nd half, no changes

  35. eric says:

    There is young Fabio. He falls hard, says he’s hurt, and is replaced by one of the ball boys I think.

  36. jerry says:

    yes tostic comes on in the united game…. people have been saying big things about him…..

  37. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    FYI, Jay DeMerit scores on a volley for Watford in their 4-3 thriller over Crystal Palace.

  38. eric says:

    Celtic still pondering Kljestan, want another 24 hrs

    link to

  39. adam says:

    I am still pondering, If Villarreal aren’t going to play Altidore, why don’t they just flipping loan him out!

  40. Karl says:

    Is it me or Man U v Tottenham didnt feel like your average FA Cup game?

  41. sean monaghan says:

    jesus christ….we should find out about kljestan today….cmon the hoops

  42. adam says:

    The latest on Sacha…

    Strachan revealed he had still to make up his mind on Sacha Kljestan, the USA midfielder who was on trial from Chivas USA last week.

    He said: “I am going to speak to Peter Lawwell (chief executive) about him just now; we didn’t have time on Friday.”

    From UK press

  43. negrodamus says:

    hope he doesnt go to celtic, i think it would be some time before he started to make consecutive midfield starts, seeing as strachan already has been shopping for nakamura replacements in the form of Caddis, Maloney, McCourt, and Mizuno.

    Sacha needs the dutch league. far better quality teams towards the bottom half of the table compared to SPL, and a very more technically advanced league would suit him better.

  44. sean monaghan says:

    1.caddis- a right back

    2. maloney- hasnt been playing much

    3. McCourt- all he has played in is reserve games this year

    4. mizuno- will develop over time

    also remember theres alot of talk about mcgeady leavin too after his row with strachan

    and klesh can also play on the inside of the midfield as well.

  45. sean monaghan says:

    maybe strachan is waiting for the sweden game?

  46. Brett says:

    On Sacha: I think Eredivisie would be great for him, and if I recall Twente were sniffing around him a while ago. The Celtic thing caught me off-guard, but if he is going abroad there are worse places to land. I’d prefer to see him in Germany though, even though we already have lots of guys there (relatively speaking).

    On Jozy: They are keeping him because they are already thin at FW due to so many injuries. Jozy is one injury away from being a common site with the Yellow Submarine. Plus, with Franco leaving, Rossi drawing interest from top teams in Italy, and Nihat always getting hurt, it doesn’t hurt keeping Jozy around so that he can continue to develop within the Villarreal system.

  47. sean monaghan says:

    Im tired of seeing so many people bash celtic without even watching an spl game,its ridiculous

    if he makes it he will learn truely what football is about.Passion.would he start in an old firm game?no,but watching the atmosphere will shock him,if he plays in an old firm game he will be up for anything.its the best rivalry in the world.

  48. Eric Sornoso says:

    If Sacha were to go to Celtic it can only improve his game, and skills.

  49. Aljarov says:

    That looked like a Scholes handball at the end….but not much chance of getting a last gasp call in the “Theatre of Homer Calls”.

    Typical, they get a scum deflecting/OG at one end, and then the same guy gets away with a PK.

    That said, Spurs were crap – again – we didn’t deserve anything….but that doesn’t change the fact it was a blown call.

  50. Jay says:

    Celtic is a good but somewhat risky move for Kljesten. Risky in that his play right now would translate better in another league

    It will be a challenge to become a starter at Celtic but if Kljesten can pull it off it will pay off huge for him. SPL will toughen him up and to play in the middle for Celtic he will have to play strong D and show consistency, which coincidently are the two facets of his game he needs to improve to be a first choice starter next to Bradley for the Nats.

  51. Justin T says:

    Hey Tim – If you are around…what is the plug-in I need for It says to download the plug-in, but then it doesn’t find any available plug-in.

    Anyone know of a different site to find the US stream?

  52. john says:

    vamooo river

  53. de man says:

    justin <– easy, direct stream links(web) <– direct but also some p2p links <– tons of links but more complex system of stream aggregation(p2p + web)

  54. Justin T says:

    thanks de man, do you know what plug in is required for atdhe?

  55. Andrew says:

    anyone know the starting lineup for us tonight?

  56. Andrew says:

    starting lineup for tonight’s US game??

  57. Bob says:

    wynne califf parkhurst bornstein
    thorrington clark kljestan rogers
    davies ching

  58. Bob says:

    Stoked to see Wynne and Davies. Kind of hoped for Holden, but am also curious to see what Thorrington shows. Not expecting much from him or Bornstein, but hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  59. Hector says:

    Anybody see Barca keep on rolling today?

    4-1, just another day in the office.

    Messi got 2 goals (that’s 23 goals in 25 games for all competitions plus 11 assists). Not bad at all for the kid. Eto and Henry each got one (is there a deadlier trident of attackers at the moment?). Alves and Iniesta were monstrous.

    Can’t wait for the CL to see if they can transfer that domination to the other big European teams.

  60. Bob says:


  61. zach says:

    Dempsey played wonderful. That assist was amazing.

  62. zach says:

    did altidore play?

  63. ThaDeuce says:

    Did anyone else who watched to Fulham game hear the fans chanting “Come On Dempsey! Come On Dempsey!”?
    Also, anyone notice he played for Fulham what Donovan plays for U.S., the central attacking midfielder or the withdrawn central striker. He was the point man in their attack and Roy based the team around him for the game. Amazing. He really has proven himself. I think Roy told the team, when you get the ball, get it to Dempsey, he got the ball a lot.
    Loving it!